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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Last weekend's decision by Panama to embark on a $5.2 billion expansion of the Panama Canal should teach a lesson to the new crowd of U.S. Latin America bashers -- often disguised as immigration control advocates on cable television networks -- about how wrong their predecessors were in one of Washington's biggest debates over Latin America ever. I'm talking about the 1977 Panama Canal treaties, which turned over full control of the canal to Panama in 2000. Read the full column here, and let us know what YOU think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dear Andres:

Now you are cooking!!!

Good article. Amen; again.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite my opinion on some of your articles, I want to recognize your contribution as "Bridge Builder" of the Americas.


Ruben P.
Rosario - Argentina

5:00 PM  
Blogger Andres Oppenheimer said...

Ruben, me gusta lo de "bridge builder." Necesitamos mas de eso, y menos golpes en la mesa...
Saludos cordiales.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did you get the copy of the book on microfinancing? Could I have the title and publisher; I would like to read it.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

Andres, please explain the garbage about "Hispanic-allergic isolationists ". Explain to me why the USA would want you people here. You people absolutely refuse to speak English, you people are going all-out to force us to speak Spanish, going all-out to force us into becoming another country in the Hispanick World. You people refuse to buy USA goods and products. You Hispanicks smuggle tens of billions of dollars out of the USA every year. You people boo USA international sports teams. You Hispanicks steal our jobs by Affirmative Action laws. You people can't bear to wave a USA flag or to give your kids American names. You people try to rewrite USA History to make it sppear as if Hispanicks created the country (WE were here first!)and try to make it appear as if Hispanicks made the USA great.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW Paul,

You must be such a great person and citizen to say such things about the foreign people who moved to your country.

Do you think its that bad that people name their kids with names in the same language as their last names? Is it bad to learn a second lenguage? You americans are probably the only nation in the world that only speaks one lenguage, and thats one of the reasons other countrys are moving faster than you do. If an hispanic's son is learning a second lenguage why not teach him his grandparents'.

Latin americans dont steal jobs, american industries offer them the jobs people like you dont want to do. No one forces you to speak spanish, you need to speak it to talk to some people.

Maybe hispanics dont name their kids with american names because americans keep reminding them they dont belong to the traditional America. Maybe they keep speaking spanish because they tend to remain together to give each other the help no american is willing to give them.

Face it, you dont like them beacuse they dont look like you. You will never accept them and you'll never try to make them part of your group. It's your right to preserve your identity and maybe they are too diferent from you as to be with you without changing your style.

But remember that you are also decendent from inmigrants that didn't look that nice either. Your country is all inmigrants at a certain point of its history and it wouldn't be what it is today if the history were different. Anyway, if I were you I would suport the anti inmigration policies, but spending billion on a fence that isn't really solving the problem is a good policy? I think what the article tried to say was that helping latin america to develope is more effective than building walls that because of it's uselessness show lots of scorn and only contributes to make the people in the north feel more detached from people in the south.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Worker said...

I believe with Andres.
We all have to accept we are living in a constaintly shrinking globe. We must learn to respect and communicate with each other. When you try to speak to someone in thier own's generally accepted well since you are making the effort. Learn about other cultures and people. Open up to life!

Good weekend all!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with Worker.

When we decide to go emigrate to a foreign country we should be graceful enough to respect their immigration laws, learn their language, and respect their institutions making an effort to adapt to their society instead of demanding that they adapt to us.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

andres, I have tremendous respect for the Chinese, Japanese and Mahatma Gandhi Indian people. None of them look like me.
I am all for Americans learning second and third languages. My kids speak Japanese and English fluently, and I want to get them to next learn Mandarin Chinese or French. As far as Americans being the "only nation that speaks one language", tell me what second language Spaniards speak and what second language Latin Americans of Spanish ancestry speak. They sure don't learn English in their schools, despite knowing full well they will be sneaking into the USA later on in life.
What second language do the G-7 nations Japanese, French and Italians people speak?
Africans routinely speak up to 8 languages, including the 2 world languages, French and English. What has that done for them?!
And I am of Norwegian ancestry, the first Europeans to the Americas. My people moved to the upper Midwest and set up our own independent societies within the USA. We are settlers of the USA, not immigrants. We didn't force our way into already established cities and then steal jobs.
And the Anglos sure as heck didn't come to the Americas desperate to join a society created by others. They created their own independent society here. It's that society you Hispanicks pay your life savings to be sneaked into. Anglos are settlers of the USA, not "immigrants". Heck, why don't you call native American Indians "immigrants" too, if you are going to be that way?
No. nobody puts a gun to my head and forces me to speak Spansih. But you people are trying to do everything you can do to make it a requirement that any person who wants to work in the USA, be able to speakie Spanish. Under the guise of "providing service".
Maybe you can explain to me why Arhentina has a law REQUIRING kids born there to be given Spanish names.
Why do we have to develop Latin America? You people claim to have "made modern Miami", so what's holding you people back from creating your own successful countries?
And if the USA does make a modern, prosperous Latin America and gives you people work to do in contracts with our companies, as the EU does to prop up Spain, to keep you people from sneaking in here, then you peopel will go running around the world proclaiming how great you are, how Spanish is the next big thing in the world, that everyone better learn to speak Spanish and adopt Spanish language and culture to "keep up with the world"........

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It wasn't that obvious you totally despise hispanics until I read your last sentences. You not only want us to remain far away from you, but you like us being poor and you deeply hope we remain miserable forever.

I didn't mean you don't like people who don't look like you, what I meant was you don't like them to be your neighbors or anything close to you. It's your right to like and dislike people. You don't reject chinese, indians, or japanese, beacause they aint moving to your city. Probably if you came some day to visit south america you would like us too, as long as we stay here. jaja.

Just for you to know, people in europe, including Spain, are probably, after those tribes in africa, the comunity with the highest number of different languages spoken by person in the world. How many americans speak fluent second languages??? Please don't put africans as an example of the uselessness of second lenguages.

Aswering your question Paul, in spite of the fact that latin americans of spanish ancestry are a small minority in latin america, we speak spanish, english, and some times a third language (mostly french or german) because almost all of us go to private schools were second languages are a main course. For example, I speak fluent spanish, english and german and I also took 3 years of daily french lessons and passed the DELF-III an exam certified by the french department of education. I don't say I speak fluent french because I never practise. WOW, your kids speak Japanese? or they were taught to ask for a coke and bigmac in japan? Because japanese is an extremly hard lenguage to learn for any european lenguage speaker...

You say your ancestors werent immigrants but settlers? A european settler was born in europe, that makes it an immigrant you ass. You say norwegians were the first to come to north america, maybe its true, but those first settlers didn't moved to the midwest. There's a problem with your family history, because if your ancestors moved to the midwest then they were immigrants who came in filthy boats to new york, sneaking into the british colonies, and if you actually have an ancestor who came with the first norwegians vikings 600 years ago, then you are holding to a lie. In 600 years that viking's sons have married so many immigrants that you are 99%sneaky 1%viking :P.

I don't know if you are poor, but since your kids learned japanese probably you are midclass. Thats why I have to tell you, you are mistaken by believing illegal inmigrants steal jobs from you.
They fill the empty jobs you dont want to do and they are making you richer. Working for low wages reduce costs for the consumers (you). If there were no inmigrants the poor people in the US would have higher salaries, but the mid a high class wouldnt be that richer, because the cost of everything would be higher and you wouldnt have more money, you even migh have less money to pay higher prices.

Dont generalize Paul, not all hispanics sneak into the US. Master's, doctors, millionaires, all that people could move whenever they want and they do. Your problem is that the inmigrants (in other commentaries you say you admire highly educated and dedicated people) you like are the only ones that represent a competition for you. Highly qualified professionals are the ones that take the yobs that won't be offered to you.

I had never heard about that argentinian law. Probably someone lied to you because there are lots of argentinians with names in other languages. Anyway, does that make right any of the stupid things you wrote?

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like all Grand Projects thru out the world there will be corruption,

question is how much?
and how can it be controlled ?

Panama has a big corruption problem .

Remember the Euro tunnel has not made a dime for its equity holders and its bond holders are out of luck as well due to cost overun ,and yes lack of transparency!!

Granted Panama canal has the cash flow, but what will be the controls? LOcal Construction companies do not really have the expertise for this venture and there will be bid rigging , please it happens EVERYWHERE!

REALISTIC CONTROLS AND TRANSPARENCCY... then bring investors, much cheaper than5.2B of debt and investors will insist on a legitimate auditing process

Anybody who thinks they will not be hitting some Intl group somewhere for bailout money has forgotten past mega projects

However Panama is on the right track and they deserve to give themselves a chance....

Biggest problem will be transparency and cost control /overrides

Good luck Panama
welcome to the 21 century

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

Hey Mr anonymous, you made good points about Panama.
I have had many people who have been in Panama try to tell me that Panama is a mess. I haven't been there. I do know, however, that you don't see Panamanians in the USA nor do you see them paying their life savings to get the hell out of the country as you do the rest of Latin America. I attribute that to the huge numbers of non-Hispanicks living there:

from "Inside Central America", by Clifford Krauss, copyright 1991.
page 249
Nearly 40 percent of all Panamanians have ancestors who were neither Spanish nor Indian, but who had come to the isthmus over the last 110 years to build or traverse the canal. (Most of the workers employed by the French and then the Americans came from Jamaica, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, or China.)

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

andres, I don't want you Hispanicks to remian poor. What I want is for you people to either:
1) create your own successful countries
2) come to JOIN USA society as ALL other immigrants do, not to steal the USA from the Anglos.
You join USA society by doing business in English, by cheering US international sports teams, by buying American cars, by waving USA flags, by giving your kids American names, by taking pride in the many achievements of the USA, by showing a desire to travel and see the USA.......
Keep in mind that nowadays, you Hispanicks in Latin America would be considered obscenely rich in the time of Jesus.
Oh, and by the way, my wife is ethnic Japanese, born and raised in Japan and I had a Mahatma Gandhi Indian in my house just last month, showing him pictures of my India trip.
I also had a Black co-worker at my house last month to watch the Michigan-Iowa football game.
Oh, and I was stationed in Spain for 32 years and those people were defiantly monolingual. It's oe thing to be monolingual when the world uses your language as a means of communicating with the world, as French and English are, but remaining monolingual when nobody in the world recognizes your language is total arrogance. Especcially when you know full well you will be sneaking into Anglolandia later in in life and still you refuse to demand English be taught in your school, instead demanding USA schools teach Spanish to fluency to our kids so we can be able to communicate with those who pay their life savings to force their way into an English speaking society. I could care less if you Hispancks want to teach Spanish to your kids or if you want to speak Spanish in the privacy of your himes. I do care when you Hispanicks refuse to do business in English, when you threaten politicans with the vote if they support any official English measures or when you people refuse to do business with a store if they don't make Spanish equal in every way to English.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


What hapened with the "freedom country"?, now looks more like the anglolaindia dictatorship.

Definitively you have a peculiar way to see the world.

Please explain "come to JOIN USA society as ALL other immigrants do, not to steal the USA from the Anglos."

How someone who works in the US is stealing jobs if he was born in a certain region and isn't if he was born in another? that doesnt sound pragmatic.

How can you say buying american cars makes you american... I thought being free to choose whats best for your family was more "american" than Ford.

When you were in Spain for 32 years, did you talk in spanish with the americans you met there? I hope you respected spanish when you lived in "hispaniclandia".

I'm moving to Colorado next month to work in a hotel. I'll be there for 4 month and I will speak spanish as much as I can and then I'll take all the money I make back to south america, just because I know it makes you happy.
Just for you to know, I didn't pay my lifesavings to go, I just had to go to the U.S.E. office in Lima, there you find lots of hotels loking for employees they need and cant find in the US. You better tell your kids to go paint walls in colorado to stop another latin american from "stealing" a job.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

andres, you Hispanicks try to steal the USA from the Anglos by:
1) demanding we make Spanish our official language, under the ruse of "Hispanicks were here first!", despite native American Indians having been here for thousands of years and despite Hispanicks having played no part at all in either creating or developing the USA.
2) by demanding we give full Spanish names to our cities and streets, under the ruse of "preserving the heritage of the area". Our heritage is native American and Anglo.
3) by introducing legislation to make USA national holidays that honor Hispanicks. Uhhh, national holidays are for honoring the eraly trailblazers of a society, and are not for honoring a people who paid their life savings to sneak into the USA desperate to join a society created by others.
4) by insisting on giving your kids Spanish names, making it appear as if Hispanicks created the USA.

You Hispanicks steal our good jobs by using Affirmative Action, and will sue in a millisecond if passed over in favor of a non-Hispanick, saying you "just want the law enforced". But you don't want us to enforce our immigration laws.
Hey, if you want to buy a Japanese car because they are better than American cars, then I don;t have a problem with it. I do have problems because I think you Hispanicks are buying Japanese cars as a way to stick it to the USA/"Anglos". It's like you people are sending a defiant message. Just like how you people can't bear to wave a USA flag or to give your kids American names.
You steal our low paying jobs as well by claiming "no Americans want to do those jobs".
Hey, I have no problem at all if you wish to speak in Spanish if English is your second language. I do have problems when Hispanicks go out of their way not to speak English, or when you people try to force it on the USA.

By Myrian Marquez, Orlando Sentinel columnist,1,3027516.column
...... people need to realize, too, the opportunity that Central Florida's changing demographics offers for English-only speakers to learn a second language. Florida, like the nation, is going global. The School Board can't keep delaying the inevitable.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen:

åndrês, here is the Arhentine law that requires kids to be given Spanish names, it's law 18.248/69

"El mundo hispano está lleno de nombres estúpidos que algunos padres eligen
para condenar a sus hijos. En la Argentina, el tema está legislado y se
actualiza mensualmente gracias al ingenio de los descarados. La ley es la
En su artículo tercero dice: "El derecho de elegir el nombre de pila se
ejercerá libremente, con la salvedad de que no podrán inscribirse: 1) Los
nombres que sean extravagantes, ridículos, contrarios a nuestras costumbres,
que expresen o signifiquen tendencias políticas o ideológicas, o que
susciten equívocos respecto del sexo de la persona a quien se impone. 2) Los
nombres extranjeros, salvo los castellanizados por el uso o cuando se
tratare de los nombres de los padres del inscripto, si fuesen de fácil
pronunciación y no tuvieran traducción en el idioma nacional". "

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen:

Hey åndrês, Americans who ended up in Mexican-California by pure chance were GIVEN Spanish names:

from "America's Frontier Story", by Martin Ridge and Ray Billington, copyright 1969
Page 463
A number of trappers and hunters came into Southern California and settled down in various towns. .......
They all had Spanish names given them besides their own.
On Christmas night, 1828, a ship was wrecked near Los Angeles, and 28 men escaped. One of them who stayed was a German, John Gronigen, and he was named "Juan Domingo" or, because he was lame, "Juan Cojo."

From "California, An Intimate History", by Gertrude Atherton, copyright 1914.
During the second quarter of the century, a handful of newcomers, who by accident or choice had landed in California, were gradually taking over control of commerce and industry. These newcomers, mostly Americans, gave their oath of loyalty to Mexico, joined the Catholic church, married into leading Mexican families and in many cases, even took Spanish names and assumed the title of "don".
In 1827, another son of Massachusetts, John Temple, arrived to become "Don Juan", and within the next four years came Jesse Ferguson and Nathaniel Pryor, "Don Abel" Stearns and Jonathan (Don Juan Jose) Warner.
William A. Richardson was born in London, England, on August 27, 1795. In 1822, at the age of twenty seven, he sailed into Yerba Buena Cove in San Francisco Bay aboard a whaling ship (L'Orient). He left the ship under questionable circumstances and petitioned the Spanish governor for permission to remain in California. The governor, Pablo Vicente Sola, gave his permission providing Richardson agreed to teach the neophytes at Mission Dolores how to construct small boats for use in the bay. Richardson agreed.
In 1823 Richardson converted to Catholicism, became a naturalized citizen of Mexico, and changed his name to Guillermo Antonio Richardson.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If someone wants to change the language, the names of the cities or the holidays of the US I'm on your side.

But come on, don't give such a big importance to peoples names... That argentinian law is so stupid it makes me feel pity for them. Dont be so paranoiac, no one chooses cars or names based on what would bother you, people chooses what they consider the best or like the most.

About the americans who changed their names to spanish in Mexico of the XVIII and XIX century. What happens is that, in the past centuries, to be baptised in a spanish catholic church you had to recive a "catholic" name, all those names were in spanish as you can imagine. There even was a names calendar that gave a saint's name to every day of the year and you were supposed to be named with the saint's name that corresponded to your birth day.

I suggest you not to write such aggressive articles because people ends thinking your motivation is not those problems you mentioned in your last commentary, but others much different. Anyway, you see, we agree about some things.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone has forgotten who created the USA, definetly hispanics werent the firs settlers (except from the former mexican states).

But it seems to me you forgot that european immigrants who moved to the USA used to spend all their life savings to buy the boat ticket.

Saludos desde lima

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen:

ändrès, yeah, my Norwegian ancestors are not descended from the Vikings. They came in the late 1800's to the USA by boat from Norway, and they moved to North Dakota where they created their own independent society within the USA. The difference betwen us and Hispanicks is that you Hispanicks force your way into already established societies created by Anglos, and then steal their jobs and declare you will not speak English, expecting the Anglos to learn Spanish. And don't be so certain that Hispanicks accept that Anglos created the USA:
Subj: RE: (no subject)
Date: 03/10/2003 10:59:42 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: msalinas@UNIVISION.NET (Maria Elena Salinas)

I am sorry but you do not know what you are talking about. This is my country, and if you think the Anglos created it, you need to take some history lessons.

Subject: Re: Welfare recipients show gratitude, fly Puerto Rican flag
From: j_2000
Date: Sun, 28 November 1999 10:33 AM EST
Message-id: <81rhvi$ru6$>

Wrong again senor Thorsen, Indigenous Americans "founded" the USA,
followed by the Spanish, French, Portuguese, and numerous others,
including the English (Anglos).

Subj: Re: How to Handle Illegal Immigrants
Date: 04/30/2001 2:52:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Ray S. Elizondo)

WE created most of the USA, and practically ALL the AMERICAN Continent.

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, yeah thers people with serious history issues.

A good question would be what is the USA, because I think there is the problem.

Mr Oppenheimer, that would be an excellent topic for an article: What is the USA for the latin americans, african americans and europe descendant americans.

I think the 13 british colonies founded the USA, wich then expanded to the other states. Definitively american indians didnt found the country because they didn't participate in the society that finaly ended in today's USA. But the original settlers in all the southern states were spanish and french, they stablished cities and a society on wich the anglos entered, after buying or invading those states. Obviously those states became what they are now under the rule of Washington. Probably Paul would say the USA could have made great those states even if there hadn't been any spanish or french settlers, but the fact is that they were. And cosidering that some people likes defining the rights of some groups based on the historic facts without taking in cosideration the contribution of other groups, well it could be interesting the result of a historic division of the USA. We should start kicking out all the anglos from New York and giving it back the original name: New Amsterdam.

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why are you writting ändrès??? its andrés

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fantastic op-ed! I’m an American who moved to Panama with my wife and two small children in August primarily because I see the huge potential of the country. No country is without its problems – Panama included – but on balance, the country is well-run and brimming with entrepreneurial zeal.

The sense of excitement and optimism in the country right now is palpable.

You’ve captured a great example of how xenophobes in the U.S. have been proven wrong about our neighbors to the south!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Oppenheimer it seems like you are not informed that only 40 % of the panamanian voters voted.The rest,the 60 % was a huge abstentionism.In Panama there were more people who OPPOSE the canal expansion that those who "agree".
Althought we do not have proofs of
fraud on that referendum,the current government has been involved in top corruption in
the past.

the U.S need to understand that just because the Panama's Canal
is going to be expanded that DOES NOT mean to stronger relations
with the US.
Panama needs to be more Latin American right now than ever.

And to the ignorant of Paul Thorsen
who is nothing more than an ugly american who never had stepped its
feet out of the U.S
Have you?
Only rednecks living in
the back country talk the way you do.

Get International and learn
foreign languages and TRAVEL,
for example,dude.

Greetings from Colombia

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parece que el senor Paul Thorsen es el tipico ejemplo del Ugly American o gringo detestable.

Tenemos buenas noticias por aqui,
mientras unos se revuelven en su odio natural o aprendido..los latinoamericanos
todavia conservamos nuestra
alegria,cortesia y buena educacion.

Y felicitaciones a Panama que eso le abriara puertas al comercio
mundial y de la region latinoamericana.

6:43 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do not think for a moment that all panamanians are pro-americans.
Far from that.
After all the damage done to
us by Americans in the Canal
Do not open the wounds,Andres.

You do not know what happened here.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul,be careful,your country is
becoming little by little in a
fascist dictatorship.
Not all dictatorships began
suddenly...but slowly and progressively,taking civil rights
one at the time...
That happened in Russia,too.

You are going to taste a little
of the Condor Operation too...heh

6:55 AM  
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