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Friday, February 08, 2008


Get ready for a tsunami of Hispanic votes in November's general election: If Super Tuesday primary results were any indication, angry Latino voters will flood the polls, energized by what many see as a growing anti-immigrant sentiment in the country. Latino voters turned out in record numbers on Tuesday, especially to back Democratic candidates. Read the full column here, and let us know what you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for pointing out that the Hispanic voter won't take the attacks against their community based on everything from immigration stsatus to shared language will not be forgiven this election.

There has been to much focusing on illegal immigration by most republican candidates pandering to ethno-centric immigrant-bashers. Immigration is not the source of all that goes wrong on right with the country.

Cuba may teach some of them a lesson where the cuban americans came out to vote against them.
Then again, none of them learned the lessons of California's Pete Wilson, who truned California from a state with two strong polical parties to a state with no effective or visible Republican President until an immigrant, Arnold Schwarzenneger, appealed directly to new and younger generations oflatinos for support.

When Pete Wilson rode a wave of anti-illegal-immigration sentiment and supported prop 187, the republican party started it's slide in calfornia's future and sacrificed it for short-term gains.

When it pushed english-only state initiative and anti-affirmative action proposals, he even had black rappers calling for unity noting that pete wilson was "trying to see us all broke"
and rappers' target audience includes some of the underclasses that are more involved in racial strains with other minority groups.

The California Republican party made a string of election decisions that made many latinos and hispanics very loyal republican voters.

It took a lot for me to become an independent again in California, but it will take a lot more for me to vote for a Republican in National elections, although McCain has my respect for standing up to the pandering Romneys of the world. Huckabee should have stayed with his first por-immigration policies and he may have done better in florida rather than being crushed in another southern stsates that makes people wonder how he can win if he gets crushed in the south versus mccain.

The republicans have one bad national election coming this year, but with people like mccain winning, they may be learning that the poison pill of anti-hispanic pandering against spanish, immigration, and affirmative action may turn another fast group segment of the population into nationally loyal democratic votoers as happened in california. the republicans haven't held even close to half of the state assembly or state senate there for over 10 years!

To day, hispanics support mc cain in arizona and obama in several states (especially young hispanics), despite the media blitz hyping her strong support amongst a group which doesn't follow politics generally closely enough to get to know obama very quickly... not to mention that Hillary wins an even larger share of the asian vote than the hispanic vote.

Where did all the anti-immigration candidates go in the new politics where the anti-immigratino extremists are apparently barking worse than their bite? As McCain, Obama, and Hillary demonstrate, the new politics of inclusion and growing electorate-diversity make hatred and pandering a bit overhyped and still bad for the long-term health of any serious political contender in American National Politics.

11:31 AM  
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