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Thursday, January 24, 2008


What irony! Mexico's center-right President Felipe Calderón, a man who made his political life fighting for democracy, may become his country's first leader in 15 years to improve ties with Cuba's dictatorship and to turn his back on the island's peaceful opposition. Read the entire report here, and let us know what you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may well be that Mexico's Calderon is tactically cooperating with the Cuban government for political reasons, but the blame should be share with the political opposition that drew support from sympathies with Cuba, as well as with Fox who suddenly and dramatically changed ties with the Cuban government in an unwise political move, leaving his successor with more pressure to deal with to not make the same mistake.
It is important to note that the reason the pressure rose was because of the rise of populist AMLO who threatened to link Mexico with Chavez, Ortega, and other leftists. AMLO went on to divide his country bitterly by claiming that he was the legimate president and making his routine charge of fraude regarless of what party he accused or what election he was running in this time.
Even though international observers declare the elections to be clean, the damage was done with the politization of the electorate.
To unite the country again, Calderon has agreed to cut the baby down the middle in some cases, including by cozying up to fidel castro's cuba and even easing frosty relations with venezuela's chavez. As usual, the responsible leadership has to clean up the mess left behind by the less responsible previous leadership.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calderón's decision has came up surprise for me, I haven't thought that things will turn down this way.Definitely National Action Party's recent turned attitude is real setback to the peace talk.
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