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Monday, November 12, 2007


Critics of Venezuela's narcissist-Leninist President Hugo Chávez often joke that in Venezuela there is freedom of expression, but not freedom after expression. Last week, their pun proved right. Read why here, and let us know what you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You should know better what lack freedom of expression means.
I give you two different scenarios:

1978 world cup in Argentina
Guess what.. nobody was complaining in front of a tv camera about lack of freedoms.
I guess the Argentinean junta kept everybody happy and nobody needed to complain...
Everybody looked happy in Argentina in 1978, I guess it was a perfect world.
But you know better. In Argentina, if anyone dared to say anything bad you had a real risk of getting killed
or tortured.

2007 Copa America in Venezuela
Hundreds of people opposing Chavez government shows signs and banners right in front of the cameras
complaining about the "the lack of freedom of expression......." Everybody in the world was able to see
Venezuelans complaining against their regime. None of them were tortured, or raped, or disappeared after the event.
Venezuelans show over and over and over again to the world publicly how little freedom of expression they have
in their country.... jeez... i wish we could see that in north korea, or iran...

Andres, it is specially disappointing to read this stuff from you.
You know better than anybody else what lack of freedom of expression means.
You are not only lying to the readers but you are also lying to yourself

5:14 PM  

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