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Friday, September 29, 2006


Here's an issue that is seldom talked about: the possible link between immigration, family remittances and Latin America's rising crime rates. Millions of Latin American migrants in the United States are absentee fathers whose children are being raised by permissive grandparents. Many of these children are growing up on the streets, and become criminals. Read the full column here, and let me know what YOU think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Oppenheimer: I agree with your article regarding migrants; a lot of adults in latin america leave children behind to try to survive and look for some money to send to USA. Families are separated and moms also suffer in silence for their children, trying to bring them to the USA in any way. It is sad that people can change some dollars for the opportunity to be next to their loved ones, no matter the financial circumstances.
Every time you choose money over your family, you loose no matter what you get monetarily.

11:04 AM  
Blogger roberto e said...

Unfortunately your observations are correct , Some exchange dollars for family ,some freedom with the hopes of bringing in their family.

As others and I have written in previously, as long as the elites, and politicians keep down growth and feed corruption and repression back in Latin America,
people will leave... It's that simple

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point, I never thought of it this way. Next step? Could be interesting banks approve your idea or any other to make something more than alleviate immediate needs to our loved ones there at home

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

Andres, nice euphemism, "remittances". That is nothing more than loot, theft. The historical legacy of you Hispanic people is one of invting yourselves into rich societies and then robbing those once rich societies blind of all their wealth and forcing your language and culture on such societies.
I expect anyone wanting to live here in the USA to invest back into the USA.

10:28 PM  
Blogger LagaresH said...

Federal Election Lack of Integrity Act

On September 20, 2006 the House of Representatives passed House Bill “H4844” which the House calls “Federal Election Integrity Act.” I think this House Bill can be more appropriately be called the “Federal Election lack of Integrity Act.”

It is a shame that with so many pressing issues facing our Country the Second session of the 109th Congress is devoid of ideas and solutions to our Nation’s problems. Our politicians in DC are part of the problem in this Country. This House Bill is an amendment to the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

This act requires several items on the part of the citizens of our Country. First of all under this Act you have to prove that you are a citizen before you vote. I viewed this action by our spineless Congress undemocratic and myopic. This is another poll tax to disenfranchise the citizens of our Country.

The second item required by this worthless Act is the fact that you as a citizen of this Country must present a picture identification card before voting on an election. Another brilliant idea by the controlled Republican Congress. This is un-American!!

There are 20 millions Americans who don’t have any kind of pictures identification in our Country. This is another ploy by the Republican controlled Congress to stay in power. This Act does not advance the cause of democracy in our Country. By the way, the purpose of an election/voting is for the sole purpose of determining the will of the people.

I see this identification nonsense as another poll tax to stifle democracy in our Country. This is also indicative that the vision of democracy of this 109th Congress is impaired. This is the same people who are talking all the time about spreading democracy and freedom abroad. They are a joke!!!

Our politicians already do enough harm to our democratic way of life. I strongly believe that incumbency is one of those things that do much harm. Take for example our own Congressman Hon. Frank LoBiondo; do you recall when he spouse the idea of term limitation? All of a sudden Mr. LoBiondo is not for term limitation.

Politicians manipulate the system to stay in power. Another way of politicians manipulating the system is by gerrymandering. There are many other ways to manipulate the voters.

I hope that the USA Senate has some better sense when they read this brilliant piece of work by our Republican leaders in the House. Finally, democracy should reflect the will of the people not the government.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Darrin E. McGillis said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:16 PM  
Blogger roberto e said...

According to Thorsen, Once you work for your employer you should not send somre of your money to help your family nor God forbid bring them over.
His anger anger, jealousy,helplessness, and hatred is directed against all Hispanics no matter if your legal,served in the armed forces nor pay more in annual federal tax than what he may make in a year

He has also said that he is okay with anger and hatred towards Jews
and other groups in past writings........

I just want to clarify this to all of you , Eduardo clarified it as well as the other day.

May God have Mercy on your soul
Thorsen as I can not judge you,
lest I be judged.......

People like you really make it hard to turn the other cheek and be a good Christian
But Again Thorsen in reply to your Hatred which grows more bitter by the day.. God grant you peace.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Paul Thorsen

Roberto, I said I have no problem with justified hatred.
However, I do have problems when a certain people hate others out of a jealous rage. Whether that other person be rich, popular with the girls, a great athlete or whatever. I have no tolerance for jealous hatred.
So what if a person serve in our military? They all enlist for the same reason, to get a career/job that pays relatively well. Same reason why proud American white boys with colonial roots enlist. That said, gool ole White boys do have USA pride. But that is not why they enlist.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cerramos los ojos para no ser testigos.
Tapamos nuestros oídos para no ser cómplices.
Y al abrir los ojos nos damos cuenta que ya estamos ciegos,
Que perdimos todo y que no tenemos a quien denunciar.

Los términos “pueblo”, “justicia social”, “comunidad”, “cooperación” son mirados con recelo por la mayoría de las naciones de América Latina, y con indiferencia en EEUU; quizá con razón debido al uso y abuso que hicieron de ellos en sus discursos, muchos que gobernaron y administraron para sus bolsillos.
El orden social establecido cuando carece de justicia social, aloja el germen de la discordia y se transforma en desorden social. Tarde o temprano se convierte en una enfermedad, cuya causa conocida y desatendida provoca un mal que va mas alla de un par de generaciones.
Delincuencia Juvenil no es un fenómeno de América Latina y asi vemos como:
1. Un joven mata a su abuela y a su hermana y luego se suicida.
2. Una madre asesina a sus hijos que llegan casi a la media docena y los mata uno a uno ahogándolos en una bañera.
3. Un médico lanza a sus hijos por el balcón y se lanza tras ellos no para salvarlos sino para suicidarse.
4. Un caballero y un jovencito se pasean por el país apuntando y disparando con un fusil a quien en el momento se le antoja.
5. Un joven escribe en su diario intimo la intención de matar a algún compañero de escuela, pero deja aclarado que también tiene en la mira s sus padres y a su hermana.
6. Un joven irrumpe en su aula con un revolver y dispara a mansalva a todos sus compañeros.
7. Una maestra toma de rehén a su alumno apenas adolescente para satisfacer sus apetitos sexuales.
¿Son estos casos delitos? Claro que lo son. ¿Están incluidos jóvenes entre los victimarios? Si. Entonces afirmamos que se trata de delincuencia juvenil. Como lo que rompen la maquinas expendedoras de su escuela o los que deciden asesinar a un homeless simplemente por placer.
Todos esos delitos juveniles que sucedieron en EEUU y no en América Latina.
Parece que hemos construido dos categorías de delitos juveniles, unos que “asombran” y otros delitos que “molestan”.
De la primera categoría parecen ser los mencionados anteriormente. Y decimos:
· Pobre jovencito debe haber estado mal......
· Como fallo su siquiatra
· En la familia anda algo muy mal.
Pero si el delito es de los que “molestan” , el robo, el hurto, el homicidio con fines de robo, la distribución de drogas; decimos:
· Que vergüenza de muchacho, ¿adonde están sus padres?
· Que escoria de la sociedad.
Los delitos que “asombran” tienen su causa en los EEUU, justamente en el desajuste familiar, con padres que trabajan día y noche para pagar, renta, hipoteca, léase, escuela, universidad y desaparecen todo el día, es decir; “padres ausentes estando presentes”, o “padres presentes pero ausentes”,total falta de dedicación a los problemas e inquietudes de sus hijos quienes solo tienen a amigos de su misma edad para confiar o pedir consejos. Los maestros están bastante estresado como para involucrarse tan sencillamente en esos temas.
Y en América Latina esa delincuencia juvenil tiene su causa casi en forma excluyente en la desocupación, la falta de demanda laboral.
Resulta necio sostener que no buscan trabajo porque tanto legisladores, presidentes y economistas saben perfectamente que esa no generación de empleo es una constante desde ya muchas décadas.
El estimulo sigue presente en un joven pero las oportunidades están ausentes.
Las economías de América Latina no generan empleo por varias razones pero entre ellas la mas importante es el provocado por el comportamiento humano y que es ajeno a cualquier formula económica. El egoísmo social.
- Quien logra juntar un capital, lo saca del país y lo trae a un banco del Extranjero. Podrá verse esto seguramente en las cuentas bancarias de muchos latinoamericanos.
- Quien formó un pequeño ahorro lo guarda en un Banco local o debajo del colchón. Aun subsiste la esperanza de vivir de los intereses que produce un capital inmovilizado como en la peores épocas inflacionarias.
- La existencia de leyes laborales que desaniman al inversor nacional o extranjero.
- Malas políticas impositivas para el asentamiento de nuevas industrias o de industrias autóctonas.
- Falta de promoción de todas las zonas y atractivos de un país en provecho solo de determinadas áreas.
Razones que están basadas en el miedo a la inestabilidad política y social, la falta de fe en el país producto de esa misma desestabilidad.
Con otros males ocultos y efectos secundarios los ciudadanos de los EEUU generan empleo en base a un fuerte consumo, empleo fresco a través del sector privado; porque aunque haya decaído la esperanza, hay una fuerte y arraigada costumbre de creer en el país y de pensar que mañana será igual que hoy.
Los padres ausentes no provocan la delincuencia sino la desocupación, los padres presentes ausentes deben dedicarse más a sus hijos en EEUU, el envío de remesas sostiene a uno o a unos pocos de la familia de quien envía y aunque dependen y esperan la llegada del dinero, nada pueden hacer esos jovenes para generar por su cuenta el empleo necesario.
Los Gobiernos de America Latina hablan a sus pueblos de términos macroeconómicos, políticas sociales, presiones de acredores Internacionales y culpas de Presidentes pasados. Ignoran tanto la desocupación como la delincuencia juvenil, ambas aparecen en las estadísticas pero no en los planes.
El grupo social del medio o medio bajo reniega de la delincuencia y ofrece soluciones despóticas. Paredón y muerte sin atacar las causas. Las generaciones que ya se formaron dejan de ser recuperables y solo se puede trabajar para generaciones futuras en base a un cambio yá y ahora. La alternativa de estudiar en compensación a la falta de empleo ha generado sociedades de profesionales de todas las ciencias trabajando en sectores ajenos.
Quizá el visitante de Buenos Aires no descubra que quien conduce el taxi que lo lleva al aeropuerto es un arquitecto, que quien le sirve su café en un la cafetería es un sicólogo y que quien le cobra en la boletería un licenciado en ciencias políticas.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(??)proud American white boys with colonial roots (??)
You don't believe in God.
Proud American Indians with pre-colonial roots (??). Kings.
You hate the human being. Try a new life a new religion.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrés, muy interesante su columna. Imposible no tener en cuenta el efecto de una familia acéfala en cualquier sociedad, no solo en América Latina. Sin embargo, no estoy de acuerdo totalmente con su planteamiento.

Los padres pueden ser igual de tolerantes a los abuelos. No necesariamente la existencia completa de los padres augura un mejor futuro para los muchachos. Hemos pasado por una época en que la corrupción, la del narcotráfico y la del cuello blanco, ha permeado todas las capas de la sociedad, incluso en los Estados Unidos. Estamos recibiendo mensajes a diario de un estilo de vida que no nos corresponde y de millones de mensajes que veladamente trasmiten a los niños durante sus años más difíciles la idea de que ser millonario, tener sexo y muchas mujeres/hombres es lo mejor.

No es pues un problema de remesas. Convenza usted a un muchacho que ve MTV que la vida de los videos no es mejor que la de privaciones que lleva en un país en desarrollo. Lo reto a que se vaya ud. a cualquier fabela de Brasil -por nombrar un ejemplo que se repite desde México hasta la Argentina y desde España hasta la China-, y tome como muestra un hijo con padres permisivos presentes, uno con abuelos permisivos que dependen de las remesas , uno con padres estrictos, uno con abuelos estrictos que reciben dinero. Se sorprenderá ud. de las similitudes y las diferencias.


8:39 PM  
Blogger roberto e said...

you need medication and should be under restraint , to have no problem with certain Hatred's says it all
This is my last answer response to you,I think you are beyond my reach,but not God's
I hope your analyst or cleric can do better with the ghosts of fear that inspitre your hate!

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some years ago I ran across a friend who was reading a book called “Future Shock” written by Alvin Toffler. Even though my friend encouraged me to read it I remember being reluctant because I am not into futuristic literature.

When I finally read the book I was thrilled with the rationale of Alvin Toffler’s social and economic analysis. I have read since every single book, article and lecture by Alvin Toffler as well as the latest books written in collaboration with his wife; Heidi Toffler.

I would encourage those writing comments in this blog, especially those who do not understand Paul Thorsen comments, to read these books and more specifically
"Powershift” and ‘War and Anti-War”.

I believe they will open your eyes and hopefully your minds but, most certainly, they will help you understand Paul; A citizen of Alvin and Heidi Toffler’s future.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You sound most convincing! Do you suggest that we vote out these lazy justices?
Count with my vote!

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the remmittance theory is as good as any other theory but I am reluctant to take the so called experts opinion at face value because it would seem to me that most of that money is going to families living at the subsistance level and therefore spent in basic needs such as food, education and health.

Personally I think that the reason behind the rising crime rates in Latin America is because they drink too much Coca Cola.

That would also explain why kids are shooting other kids in schools throughout the US even though their parents live with them at home.

For God's sake, we are living in turnmoil and the new generations have access to more information than any other generation in the history of man kind.

The impact of that single fact is mind boggling.

Latin America on the other hand has the youngest population in the world as well.

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


By the way, I did not figure you would be a "dreamer".

Expecting Univision and/or Telemundo to provide sensible, intelligent, critical and/or insightful coverage of Latin American affairs is like trying to "pinch a mirror".

It would be refreshing though!

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you but the fact is that every time I have voted I have been asked to show a picture ID. So, with or without the law, it seems that this has been going on for quite some time.

By the way; I visited your blog and got your "Pernil" recipe. Thanks to you and your mother in law for sharing it.

Can not wait to try it!

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in the Republic Of Panama and I see more criminal american expats here than anywhere in Latin America.
To know this ,I only have to open the newspaper and read the "american expat beauties" doing
their share of criminal activities.
Take a peek on 'crime and punishment" section of the

I hope the Panamanian government
enforces our inmigration policy and
criminal background soon.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Thornsen:

The american expats in Panama are the perfect example of what you are complaining about the hispanics in the US.
The american expats in Panama :
1.refuse to speak spanish in a spanish speaking country like Panama.
2.refuse to assimilate to the
panamanian society.
3.they live in their own english
speaking guettos like Valle Escondido,Altos del Maria and
organise their own "gringo expat
socials" where they only speak
english and talk only to
other american expats.
4.they invest in the US and not
in Panama.
5.they enroll their american
expat children in english speaking
schools only in Panama and are
complaining about "the quality
of english" when actually they are living in a spanish speaking country like Panama.

So,before coming with your
retrogade rethoric ,INVESTIGATE
what are your americans expats
fellows doing in Latin America,
for example.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot follow up your link sir to the full article but I am very teased to read it.

1:56 PM  
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