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Sunday, August 27, 2006


GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador -- Latin America's political map is likely to change over the next three months, after the upcoming elections in Ecuador and Nicaragua: It will either show a newly expanded radical leftist bloc led by oil-rich Venezuela or a new critical mass of free-market democracies. Read the entire column with the 3 scenarios here. Which way do YOU think the region will go? I'm interested in your comments. POST SCRIPTUM: I will be on vacation this week. I'll be back next week (If I can control myself and keep from making blog entries in the meantime.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Chavez and Castro have done a lot of good in latin america. From an objective standpoint. They do have a lot of support in and out of Miami...

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you were a bit less biased or more ethical, you might have at least reworded your phrase to read, "It will either show a newly expanded democratic leftist bloc led by oil-rich Venezuela or a new critical mass of free-market democracies."
Of course, this would have still left your sensationalistic language, but improved the reality of your observation.
Unfortunately, you and so many of the majority neoliberal media depend upon obfuscation and manipulation of language to extend your influence, or even to simply make a point.
With that goal in sight - good article. One more lie with which to build your empire.

Chris Morck

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think blunt comments provide clear alternatives in this cluttered world of politica shows. Unbias is utopical, that's why we develop criteria.

It is important the point Andres make of the potential effect that the elections in Ecuador could cause in the region.

Would you beleive that Leon Roldos could be, among the candidates, the most suitable to get aligned with Uribe and García? if not, who?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andres, Latin American people can choose whoever they hell they want as their Presidente. I fully support whoever they put in office.
Who cares if the USA has influence in the region? I could care less. The many problems in Latin America are not our problems. They can take care of their problems by themselves. You people have your countries, we have ours. Just as I abhor President Bush trying to force democracy on the world, I also abhor Latin Americans forcing their way into the USA and trying to dictate to us what policies we are going to pursue and dictating to us that they will not speak English and that the USA will speak Spanish. Like how Hispanicks dictate to us what our immigration policy should be instead of allowing the USA to decide who to let in.

Paul Thorsen

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, leave President Bush thinking in Middle East. We have enough problems to deal with a new one.

Too much US influence is not usually good for our countries.

Ruben P.
Rosario - Argentina

9:56 AM  
Blogger roberto e said...

You hit a raw leftist nerve somewhere as I can see from some of the commentaries

send them copies of your cuentos chinos, and more to the point copies of "el manual para el perfecto idiota latinoamericano"
would aid them tremendously
good article

3:28 PM  
Blogger leftside said...

Andres, why must everything be about Castro and Chavez? It's not just you, its every major paper and policy wonk around.

You don't enlighten us to which of the Ecuadorian candidates are sufficiently pro or anti-Chavez, except Correa. I think Roldos is going to win and govern the country well. Which side of the leftist chart is this socialist on? Or Noboa?

Ortega has it in Nicaragua. Lula will be more pro-Chavez, if anything, and Venezuelan-connected countries will continue to thrive economically. Socialist-run countries will continue to increase all over the region.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the relevance from Ecuador and Nicaragua are not important in Latin America, because they not have a main paper in politics and economics in Latin America.
Although, US has to be careful with some intentions from Chavez and US has to be close with countries that support some politics from US as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. For example, US has to approve the commercial treaties as Atpdea and bilateral trade treaties, that can reinforce these economies and can obstruct and isolate some intentions from Venezuela as their need to access to the pacific coast. For these reasons, US has to play its chess pieces as a master, because if US fail, Venezuela will be more powerful in the region and this problem can growth in an uncountable dimension that will require a lot of money to neutralize this problem.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Castro and Chavez starting to embarass you, Leftside?

Cheer up, all crazed communists eventually embarass their devoted backers by their lunacy, it happens to every leftist.

5:47 PM  
Blogger roberto e said...

Poor leftside,
Last time Ortega was President he bankrupted the country and when Violeta Chamorro shocked everyone
by winning the election Ortega and the other Socialists divided all the confiscated propperties among
a small group of Sandinistas
That is in the History books as is the tens of milions that died under Stalin and Mao
There you go I did not need to mention Chavez or Castro
Do your research and back it up and we will at least respect you if not agree with you on occasion
after alll no one is perfect
Good Luck

6:16 PM  
Blogger leftside said...

I never said I supported Ortega 100%... I think the "dissident Sandanistas" have a lot of moral high ground. But if it is a choice between Ortega and the sort of reactionary right-wing elements that will sell their country out to US interests at the drop of a hat, then the choice is clear for Nicaraguans.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo soy Claudia Rodriguez de Argentina, y no les voy a escribir en inglés porque el castellano me gusta más. Deseo larga vida para Fidel Castro, que con su ejemplo y con su lucha nos siga iluminando a todos en el continente , a todos los que deseamos ser libres del imperialismo anglo-yanqui-sionista, y también a otros lideres nacionales y populares como nuestro pres. Kirchner, Lula, Chavez y Evo Morales. No hay nada peor que ser un gusano y traicionar a la patria por los treinta denarios o dolares del imperialismo.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news for you,Mr Oppenheimer.
Ortega won in Nicaragua.

The leftist trend in Latin America
is here to stay. So,get used to
People in Latin America elects
leftists presidents to work for us.
What is the problem with that?

I think Latin America's political
affairs are only concerned to us,latin americans, who live in
Latin America,not in the U.S.

The U.S need to understand not
to meddle or opinion on our
own affairs.
Is that too much to ask?

7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roberto is more right wing gringo than anything else.
Roberto,why don't you get into
Lou Dobbs blogs...or Bill O Reilly's blogs for a change?

This is all about Latin America
and obviously you are NOT a
latin american, but a gringo.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

De acuerdo contigo 100 % ,Claudia.

Los tiempos del imperialismo yankee
norteamericano tienen que acabarse y ellos tienen que empezar a respetar nuestra autodeterminacion
como paises.

Acaso el senor George W Bush no tiene suficientes problemas con Al Qaeda,Iraq,Corea del Norte ,Afghanistan,Hamas,Hezbolllah
para como estar complicandose
la vida metiendose con Latinoamerica?
Por Favor,ya basta de que Estados Unidos y Bush este jugando al "soldadito y policia del mundo"?

Por favor,tiene que haber mas
respeto de parte de EEUU hacia
el mundo y hacia latinoamerica.
saludos desde colombia.

7:41 AM  
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