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Thursday, November 15, 2007


On Nov. 8, I had the distinction of being called ''a crazy columnist'' and a ''nut'' on prime time television by conservative Fox News anchorman Bill O'Reilly for a column I had written about the urgent need for a comprehensive solution to America's immigration crisis. Read my response to O'Reilly here, and let us know what you think. Who is crazier?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

åndêrš,there is indeed an "urgent need for a comprehensive solution to America's immigration crisis." We must immeditaely only bring in people from countries that look up to and respect the USA. Countries like India, Korea, Nepal, Brasil, China, Vietnam, Poland.......
No more bringing in Hispanics, a people who hate our guts as who see us as their bitter hated historic rivals and who will not speak English because of the humiliation.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solo unas palabras Andres, para expresarte, nuestro apoyo, ante los comentarios de Bill O'Reilly (No es promocion de estudios que Bush?)
No se necesita ser muy inteligente para entender el comentario de la intinfada latina, que no es descabellado, si no que es una bomba de tiempo ya los latinos han protestado en las calles hace menos de 1 año.
Por lo que creo expreso a la mayor parte de los latinos y al igual que a Hugo Chavez,,, le decimos desde aqui a Bill:


Saludos desde Peru

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disculpen nuevamente,, pero no vi lo que habia escrito Paul Thorsen,,, no sabia que tenias gente del KKK entre tus lectores, pero el tipo se quedo en el siglo pasado, ahora entiendo lo dificil que debe ser para ti lidiar con gente de poco criterio,,esta gente com Paul no esta lejos del pensamiento de los Chavez y los Evos, solo que en la otra orilla.
Es lamentable ver que eso tambien es un problema alla.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand the message you were trying to convey in your Nov. 4 column. Unfortunately the anti-immigrant paranoia being whipped up into a frenzy by the
GOP presidential candidates has made it impossible for an honest debate of the issue. It has cowed the Democratic candidates, who are doing their best to avoid a discussion of the topic, for fear of being labeled soft on border
security. The discussion has tilted so far to the right that I am wondering whether the issue can ever be addressed seriously. It is very distressing.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Jorge said...

Mr. Oppenheimer,

I am 100% Hispanic American and I say that it was right to overturn the very flawed Immigration bill misnamed the DREAM Act. I may have supported it if it only dealt with children of illegals. Unfortunately in a calculated and continuing manner the Democrats added unacceptable conditions and backdoor tricks so that all reasonable people had to vote against it. This is twice that the Democrats have added onerous and unacceptable amendments to bills with nice names so that President Bush had to veto and or the Republicans had to vote against it (the DREAM Act and the State Children's Health Program).

That having been said, I was born in Texas of Cuban parents in 1954, parents who came to this country legally. I am proof to the fact that you can be Hispanic, anti-Illegal immigration and be here as a result of a fair and functioning immigration policy

Below you will see a letter I wrote to various Senators regarding the issue. Take care of Border Security first, stop illegal immigration and return every criminal who is here illegally. I also believe that we should rescind the Cuban Illegal Immigrants dry foot/wet foot policy and make all immigrants go through the same procedure. See my recent letter below to Senator Martinez:

Senator Martinez,

I am writing to tell you that I strongly disagree with the Immigration Bill pending before Congress right now.

First of all let me state that I am of Hispanic heritage. My Cuban parents came to this country legally and I was born in Texas in 1954.

I am against any bill which gives amnesty to illegals. They are all criminals. Granted the level of criminality may be minor compared to many other criminal activities but at the end of the day they are still criminals.

The first thing that we need to do is close our borders. This must be done for two reasons. First and foremost we must secure our borders from terrorists and drug traffickers who cross at will. Secondly we must stop illegal immigrants who at the end of the day contrary to the opinion of some uninformed are a net cost and a very high one to our country. Yes it may make lettuce cheaper but it makes schools and hospitals and other social services much costlier.

Another significant costs and one of the reasons that the dollar is so weak now is the exorbitant sums being sent to their country of origin by illegals ($45 Billion to Latin America alone last year). I am sure that you know that the sending of money overseas as is done by illegals is debited as an Import in the US Balance of Payments and is actually worse than buying foreign oil. (I have a second degree in International Trade and Finance from LSU incidentally).

Another big problem we have is that these people do not assimilate like our forefathers did. You can see it when the US plays Mexico in Soccer and all of these illegals pack the stadiums and cheer against our own boys. I am disgusted with their behavior.

I believe that we should do the following:
* Close the borders
* Open up legal immigration for people we need and can contribute in a meaningful way
* Make the laws the same for all illegals including Cubans (no more wet foot/ dry foot policy)
* Get rid of illegals by deporting them
* Disallow citizenship to the children of illegals even if they are born here
* Create a guest worker program that is strictly enforced
* Punish employers that take advantage of illegal immigrant labor
* Beef up our borders and for God's sake allow our brave men and women in the Border Patrol to take any action necessary to protect themselves and this country.

I am not against immigration...I am against illegal immigration and even more strongly against any policy which would only encourage more illegal immigration.

The most important issue is securing our borders with a fence and a beefed up Border Patrol using more manpower and more technology and the ability to use force to protect themselves and us. Take care of that problem first then lets take care of the immigrant issue.

Mr. Oppenheimer I will refute or comment on various statements you make in today's column.
If any illegals turn to violent protest then I would most emphatically insist that we have the right to take whatever steps are necessary to stop the violence.
Not only can we deport illegals en masse, we can turn it into a new industry, e.g. Private deportation companies.
So what if the children of illegals (those not born in the U.S.) can not speak their native language. Neither could their parents speak our language, English, when they came to this country
We should only recognize Jus sanguinis not Jus soli. No children of illegals (so called anchor babies) should be given citizenship just because their parents who are involved in an ongoing criminal enterprise gave birth to them sometimes specifically for reasons of circumventing our laws and seeking some perceived advantage.
Stop accepting the argument that we can not separate these families. Illegals have no problem being separated from their families when they come over here so why is it different in reverse.
While a fence would not be the total answer it has to be part of the answer. we must do everything possible to prevent illegal immigration or we will continue to have this problem
Your solutions only aggravate our illegal immigrant problems. If we grant amnesty then we will only encourage more illegal immigration. We must stop illegal immigration and encourage these hardworking individuals to change their country.
I do not believe that you are crazy but I do believe that you are extremely biased in favor of illegals. I believe that you are an intelligent individual who disagrees with the majority of Americans on the issue of illegal immigration. I believe that your positions often seem to come from a place which does not put the U.S. first. I would not say that you are an anarchist but I would say that you come from the far left on the issue of immigration.

I am a natural born U.S. citizen who puts America first, second and third. I have no allegiance to any nationality other than the U.S. All my geo-political opinions place the good of the U.S. above all else. For me their can be no other way. I am not a citizen of the planet. I am an American.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This country accepted 2 MILLION LEGAL IMMIGRANTS in 2006. These were all LEGAL, invited, and welcomed immigrants from all over the world. This is more legal immigration than all other countries on the planet COMBINED.

Now, in the minds of some (including Andres) this equals xenophobia, KKK, rascism, reasons for riots or worse. How they get from A to B is beyond logic.

No American is against LEGAL immigration, no one is objecting to it. To the contrary EVERYONE in this country is sympathetic because we are ALL immigrants.

The fence, border patrol, false social security papers, roundups at workplaces --- don't affect ANY legal immigrant. It only affects those it's designed to affect - ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. People who have violated, flaunted, disrespected our laws and this includes employers of illegals.

Bill O'Reilly has NEVER said anything against ILLEGAL immigration.

PS: Just because nut cases like Paul Phorsen exist does not change the facts.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand lower and middle class American's concerns over immigration. The sad reality is that we do not want to fix our problems. There is only so much wealth to go around in this country. If the unemployment rate were to go to 6 or 7%, even Americans will start to mow their own lawns. O'Reilly uses Hitler's tactics. He used to say "The bigger the lie and more frequent you say it, the more prone people are to believe it." O'reilly's channel should be called "The Desert Fox Channel.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that giving Bill O'Reilly too much credit based on his educational background is a little nuts, because he clearly wants to make his guests and viewers happy but to the ponit that he is willing to lie and call you a nut. I am sure he knows better, but he chose to lie.

It is going a bit far to proclaim that the pot is about to explode and likely ineffective, but it is not nuts. It is important to note that undocumented/"illegal" immigrants have not rioted in the US and that even in a shadow underclass much about living in the united states is better than their home countries. However, it would be ridiculous to punish chilren for their parents actions adn that flies in the face of established US laws where kids are not held liable for their parents' actions. The fanatics are so brazen now as to go after children. They go after citizenship, they ignore other laws and only emphasize immigration because of the racial issues involved or else they would welcome formalizing immigration by expanding entrance of legal immigration through reduced paperwork and costs to immigrate and to allow more immigrants in legally, quickly, and effectively.

I say Bill O'Reilly is not concerned about effective immigration policy as he is beholden to right-of-center viewers much as is the populist demagogue Lou Dobbs whom you rightly called out as a ratings-whor*. Bill O'Relly proves himself to be leaning in that direction despite his education.

You on the other hand, Andres, are on the more rational side of things, though I do think you presentation needs more work as it will be attacked by the ratings whor*s for its vulnerabilities. There are more and better points you can make once you have their attention, and I have no doubts but that you will continue to make them face the issue in such as way as to make them be either more realistic or more brazenly beholden to the bigots.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Billo (Bill O'Reilly), the comedian and sexual pervert, attacks you, you know that what you are doing is right on and true. Keep speaking out. Conservatism is the bane of America and has been for the past 25 years.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Todd Drake said...

I have worked with undocumented immigrants for years. The children of parents who brought them her illegally are being punished beyond imagination by being denied access to higher education. This issue smells of a return to the good old days of "Jim Crow" - as a Southerner I grew up in the shadow of racism-I have seen cross burnings, heard the way people talk, seen the fear "they" caused in us. It is as if someone has taken the needle off an old record and returned it to the beginning. Patchwork laws are being passed to run those people out of town. Sheriff's are being quoted as saying "It's round them up time!" (true). Police are questioning brown skin people as they exit churches.(also true) Is this the America we want to create? It will take 30 years of struggle to pull up the weeds we are planting today. Why plant them in the first place?

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Reilly and Dobb, what part of reality do they not understand?
There is a real human issue with many implications at hand.There are many components that need to be addressed that have a direct implication on immigration. US Foreign economic policy, hiring/employment practices in the US, innefficient governance in other countries, etc....The US is a superpower, companies in the US want to be global, everything we do is global...We are not just any country. We are the USA! a world leader with a great history. Is our solution to this real drama of immigration going to be limited to the O'Reilly factor? or the simpleton view of Lou Dobb? or the Colorado congressman fobia?...Sometimes I think Andres is sort of a populist in this issue, "populist views" by the way is what Andres seems to opposs in Latin America. At least his arguments on immigration are wider in scope offering a better opportunity to have a more ample discussion. This immigration issue is a real human drama. Let's show some world class leadership that can continue setting historical examples for other nations to admire. By the way, just a short note, not all illegal immigrants are Hispanics.

2:12 PM  
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