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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Here is what the National Council of La Raza -- the biggest U.S. Hispanic organization -- should do at its annual meeting in Miami this week: draw from the experience of African Americans and Jewish Americans by launching an all-out campaign to expose anti-Latino bigots in the media, entertainment and politics. Read the entire column here, and let us know what YOU think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Hialeah, FL which is more than 90% Hispanic. Laws are laws, sir. What special considerations should persons who entered this country illegally be given? I say none. I applaud persons such as Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, etc who actually are courageous enough to speak out on this issue. The anti-ILLEGAL immigration sentiment will undoubtedly continue to grow. Americans are indeed fed up. Consider the fact that many of these illegals immigrate here not to "Americanize" themselves, but to strictly work and send remittances to their respective country . Who exactly is Felipe Calderon or any other Latin American head of state to dictate our immigration policy when their governments are nothing more than a corrupt mess?

Ian Towers
Pembroke Pines, FL

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey want to end bigotry and racism....HOW ABOUT starting with groups like "La Raza" know....the race. Nothing more than a KKK like organization for Hispanics. When scum like you have no argument you always play the race card...You are nothing but a pathetic liar....There is no anti immigrant sentiment...but there is an anti ILLEGAL SENTIMENT in this nation. ILLEGAL is not nor has it ever been a, however has always been a status. Show us on any map Andres the continent of ILLEGAL...It wasn't Republicans or democrats that put an end to a bill that would have rewarded criminals with citizenship to this was PATRIOTS! And those patriots belong to both parties and they are also independants. And now you have the gall to say that if these ILLEGAL scum in MY country don't get their way they could riot in the street... Well ....bring it on....The 85 million law abiding gun owning PATRIOTS in this nation will not tolerate it....I guarantee you that. You morons always forget the major difference between AMERICA and other nations....and that is the second ammendment... The people who love this country(unlike you and your ilk, Andres) WILL NOT TOLERATE IT BEING DIVIDED BY RACIST GROUPS SUCH AS LA RAZA, HISPANIC UNITY,MEXICAN LEGAL DEFENSE FUND to name a few... So bring on the riots, the sooner the better...

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrantion is a bad thing and should be stopped.
A sound, strict and respectful policy should be adopted to change the status for many illegal immigrants residing here. The change has to include some form of punishment, it cannot be a reward.
I think a lot of the resentment against illegal immigration stems from the fact that so many Legal and Illegal immigrants appear not even to want to speak our language, but continue to expect the USA to provide translations to their own language.
I really hate to phone an American company or Government Office and then be told "Press 1 to continue in English".
Lots of Immigrants have "Americanized" and that trend needs to continue.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that Andres does not cite the most Extremist Mexico-Hater of all, Bill O'Reilly, who has publicly used the "W" word to refer to Mexican-Americans. Perhaps it is because Bill O'Reilly, extremist that he is, otherwise agrees with Andres, with respect to ensuring that Extremist RightWing governments continue to govern in Colombia and Mexico.


3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people who hates the illegals the most are not the Dobbs/O'Reilly et al ... are the legal immigrants ... waiting more than 10 years to bring their relatives to the US legally ... the whole immigration debates was a travesty ... and by the way ... living in Miami "La Raza" seems like a reasonable group of people ... in LA, Chicago, where Mexicans are a majority ... I'm not so sure you will think the same.

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Oppenheimer I read you column regularly and usually agree with your analysis and appreciate your depth of knowledge of Latin affairs. However, anti-Latino bigotry by Americans got my attention especially your comments on the recent immigration bill that was voted down by the Senate
I am disgusted with our Congress, both parties, the last several administrations, et al. They have been aware of this immigration problem for 20 years and none have the intestinal fortitude to face it forthright and do anything about it. The American public have now reached the end of their patience and have reacted negatively as would be expected. Very recently our television screens were covered with marching Latino (I presume) demanding, demanding this and that, flying all sorts of flags except ours. This was pouring salt on the wound and when this immigration bill came up they let their feelings be known to Congress. They woke up grass roots America! Recently students at Moribello school in Calif. were demonstrating by flying our flag up-side downreplacing with the Mexican flag, etc, etc. Again they are hurting their own cause but of course the blame always falls on us, the Americans who are paying enormous amounts of money into charities, medical care, ad nauseum to care for a lot of these illigal immigrants. The Mexican gov'mt sits back and does nothing but fold their arms and watch their poor people stream north. We are supposed to take them in and provide the necessities of life w/o a whimper.
It's a catch-22 for us. If we object we are the imperialistic Americano and many other less civilized descriptions. We are not allowed to enforce our own laws w/o worldwide criticism. Imagine how we feel and I am just and average Joe, retired by worked closely with many Latin people for years in the export business.
Question: Have you read the laws of Mexico recently and see what it takes to go there, find a job or become a permanent resident? IMPOSIBLE ! Check out many other Islands in the Caribbean, Central America. In years past I have personally seen some of our engineers arrive at their destination, not fully compliant with the local laws and were put on the next flight back to the U.S. No questions, no reprieve.

Yes, I am opposed to illegal immigration! No, I am not anti-Hispanic! I have two grandsons who are one-half Hispanic!
Mark E. Carswell

6:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sadly,the defeat of the immigration bill was due to these anti-Hispanic sentiments. I am Hispanic and totally agree with your comments. Some Americans see a potential threat because these "illegals" bring different customs and language. So did our ancestors when they first came to the New World! Yes, immigration has gotten totally out of hand and we need immigration reform NOW. We do not need is not what this nation stands for - what we need is action from Washington.
What a today's paper there is the article about the Pentagon's Southern Command Chief training military and civilian personnel in Latin culture and languages because he believes that education is important to understanding the region..maybe some the "bloggers" should take note. V. Fonte

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came to the USA in 52. In 53, I was reading the Saturday Evening Post and filling the words I did'n understand. The division of the people of Latin America is at its worst. The Latins retired in USA of Cuban ancestry are the most feared, like Salomes' dancing the 7 veils they demand the head of Castro in a plate. Up to now no Cuban o Gallego is fanatic enough to dance for his head. The word neger is as bitch in castillian or spanish for prostitut. I sow the movie The Unforgiven in my in Barcelona in catalan, the word for son of a bitch is son of a whore, the people was laughfing all the movie.Son of bitch is same as niger to the educated "spaniards" and most of all catalans. One of the 7 wonders of the world, Jesus ascended to heaven, is at the top of the mountain call Tividabo, in forgoten hebrew and pointing the City. I will give you all these is you worship me. That is a basilica.
The Catholics does't know is the ascended Jesus. The one at Rio, is just a copy-cat. As Jesus saw the people of Judea whit out shepherd,
Like old saying, money makes the world go rownd.

8:44 PM  
Blogger guayames said...

I agree that anti-Latino bigots in the media, entertainment and politics, as well as in other fields such as science ,education, military etc should be exposed. I also agree that the recent anti-immigration sentiment fuels that bigotry. However don’t confuse the gymnastics with the magnesia (la gimansia con la magnesia). One thing is bigotry and the other is accepting the unlawful migration of Hispanics into a country ruled by its laws and the changes produced by such an unrestricted movement of people.

I agree with the theory of Samuel Huntington when he says “the deluge of America’s Latino immigration constitutes a major potential threat to the cultural integrity of the United States”. You have to be blind not to accept this theory. How many newspapers, radio stations or TV stations could your Oppenheimers’ or my Anglade’s or Delannoy’s heard, read or listen whenever they appeared in Latin America? Did they insist that the Latin Americans learn their language? Did they burn the flag of the country they wanted to live in? Did they insist in having bilingual education? Come on, they had to learn Spanish or bust! Not accepting these facts and insisting in their Latino way in effect creates our own social exclusion and will for sure alienate the majority of the people who elect our government.

Just the way driving around South Florida and other states with large number of Hispanics is already different from other parts of the USA (and not for the better), and the way I observe how American people are treated by Latinos in stores and other service oriented areas, not to mention our Latino children's behavior is enough for me to accept Mr. Huntington’s theory. Just go to a shopping center on any Sunday!

You really want to equate the Latinos with the Jewish-Americans and the African- Americans? How simplistic! The Jewish and the African Americans are Americans first while the Latinos want to remain whatever they were before coming here and impose their ways on America, and that for sure creates bigotry. Nobody asks us Latinos to stop eating our rice and beans, that is not what integration is about. Educate our people about our host country and what made it what it is, before we Latinos came here and learn the American way.

Yes. You are right when you try to make a comparison with the Muslims in Europe, they all come from poor countries and demand and impose their ways. They are not willing to integrate. See the honor killings in Europe. Already the French people said “Ya basta” by voting for a Pro American, conservative President and for sure we have not seen the end of this movement. Remember through history Americans have been much more tolerant of minorities than the Europeans, and although Spain has taken a step back, I wonder how much will they take from the Muslims it took them 800 years to get rid of.

Bigotry is to be exposed and fought by Hispanics the way Jewish-Americans and African-Americans, as well as all previous immigrants groups had to in the past, but we have to remember that we choose to come to the USA because its system and ways are the ones we wanted for us and our children. The changing to a Latin way is not what I wanted when I decided to move here. Yes, if you want the American Dream you should do it the American way, not the Latino way, for that we should all have stayed in Latin America. Foremost respect the United States and treasure the personal freedoms that this country is giving to all of us.

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andres: You are WHITE. How can a white be racist against another white?

11:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you dismiss what's going on in this country too facilely as racism. The problem is that there is a populist dynamic going on. The rich elites support illegal immigration, the government condones it, and the proles get screwed. That's what's fueling the rage, not racism.

Rich preppies in Connecticut and elsewhere want their Helot class to act as maids and gardeners, so they will always stick up for illegal immigration. They use illegal immigrant labor all the time. But the lower middle class here has to put up with the garbage, the litter, the mess, the shoplifting and the competition for jobs.

Have you ever seen illegals in action? I used to work at a Santa Ana store and when the Tijuana crowd blew in, let's just say they didn't have middle class values. Have you ever seen how illegals act? They litter and move on because they don't care about the place they're in. Have you ever seen how they commit crime? Have you ever seen how they drive like it's the third world? You can claim they don't and they are NO DIFFERENT, but that just proves you don't know anything about your topic.

The people who flee Mexico are often misfits, those who've done something socially unacceptable and are running from decent society. They're people who can't make it Mexico. That's a sizable chunk of those who emigrate from Mexico, like it or not.

Second, when you are in a country you are just using for your own ends, you sure as heck aren't gonna take care of it. If you don't have a stake, and every penny you earn gets remitted back to Mexico, you really aren't gonna care if the place you live goes uninvested and starts looking like San Ysidro or Van Nuys or Santa Ana. You just aren't. You'll let it go to hell while your place in Zacatecas gets a shiny new roof. You're outta there, so there's no reason to make the place nice. That's what infuriates Americans when they see this invasion. You call this invasion 'racism' with zero, repeat, zero, understanding of what is going on in this country and why people are angry. It's acts, not skin-color that infuriates people.

Quit acting like the Latin elite and get down with the American people for once in your life, Andres.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...





12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

åndêrš, I think USA media should expose those Hispanick journalists who hate the USA.
Such as Myriam Marquez of the Orlando Sentinel.
Maria Salinas.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

ian towers, even if Mexico was an honest, decent country, they still would have no right to dictate what USA immigration policy should be.

1:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

velfonte, the Anglos did not come to the Americas in 1607 desperate to take part in native Indian society? So why would you have expected them to learn Indian languages? I don't get it.
On the other hand, you Hispanicks pay your life savings and risk your lives to make all-out desperate attmepts to sneak into the USA and to then force yourselves onto USA society. You aren't coming to create your own independent society as the Anglos did.
But you don't want to learn English, instead expecting us to learn Spanish, and to make our country Spanish speaking, becaase you people claim "you were here first!".

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

what's fueling the rage is that Hispanicks come to steal the USA, they don't come to join the USA as all other immigrant groups do.
Not only do they refuse to speak English, but they try to force their language on the USA.
They can't bear to give their kids American names. They boo USA international sports teams. They can't bear to buy American made cars. They won't be caught dead with a USA flag. They won't invest their earnings back into the USA, instead they smuggle tens of billions of dollars out of the USA every year. They want to rewrite USA History to make it appear as if they created the USA and as if all Hispanicks in the USA can trace their roots back to 1500 AD, and they want to portray white Americnas as bumbling, ditheirng idiots.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Painting the illegal immigration issue as a racial issue is a fraud. The issue is U.S. national sovereignty. The only racists are the people who claim that the issue is racism because they put racial interests over the interests of the United States and American citizens.

You don't serve your favored constituency by lying to them. But just in case you are one of the useful idiots who believes the cr*p you write, you can read this and learn the real nature of the problem:

Trade and Migration.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Carlos Erban said...

I am glad that a prominent journalist like you has brought up this issue. Let me add a few things. We have about 25 million legal Hispanic citizens in this country who need to exercise their vote in the next election process to be heard on this issue. If all Hispanics were White (like most Europeans), we would not have an issue. Remember when I think Larry King asked Buchanan, what happened if this 12 million were Irish, he said oh, well that's different. The language is an non-issue for me because most if not all illegals agree with English as a requirent to become Residents and Citizens of this country. Although when Italians, Germans, Jews from Poland and Russia, etc. arrived to this country they did not need to have "work visa" or be proficient in English to get legal status. As a matter of fact, the only requirement in Ellis Island was that you had no contagious sickness, were insane, and basically knew your name, which by way was spelled wrong most the time. The point is that most illegals are willing to accept just about any conditions, hefty fines, etc. to get legal status to work. They are willing to wait 10 years or more of only duties and no rights to "earn citizenship", but this is not enough for those Senators who killed the bill because they should be kept as "quasi-slaves", working for low wages, hiding, no driver's license --- just work 20 hours a day on the work that nobody wants to do --- and keep quiet and hiding. This is the new American way. I explain to all my American friends that the only difference between me (who got my American Citizenship relatively easy) and illegal Hispanics is money. If you have money, you can afford a top attorney, get a work visa, and eventually get your Green Card. I don't see any Major League players from Latin American having problems to work here. Vladimir Guerrero does not speak Engligh but since he has been one of the top 3 hitters in baseball for a while, get him nationalized soon. Don't worry about learning English. For the poor guy working on 95+ degrees weather in all the contruction happening along
A1A along Florida coast or picking up the debris in New Orleans after the hurricaine for 12-18 hours a day; make sure he hides after work, cannot get a driver's license (by the way we must have several million people driving without licenses or insurance -- good way to solve the problem) so that we don't have to see him and make sure they don't have any basic human rights, rent an apartment, their children don't get an education or be admitted to a hospital (even paying 3 times the normal rate), and so on. By the way, Cuban Americans should be supportive since the only difference between us is that Cubans get "amnesty" immediately; while we have to go through the long process. Be thankful of the opportunity you got to become a Citizen just like I do every day ...

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an American of Hispanic heritage, I never have once, felt discriminated against, nor felt that the anti-illegal immigration has in any way made my or my family's life any more difficult. Of course, as a citizen I have nothing to worry about. I am tired of hearing groups like La RAZA (The RACE) self-proclaim themselves spokespersons for all Latinos on many issues in order to cleverly request money, grants, political power etc. from the influential power brokers in this country. Let's face it and be truthul here, La RAZA started out as a mainly Mexican-American, leftist group who has been successful in conning the less savvy.

Latinos in America are a very diverse group politically, socially, culturally, ethnically and we all know that. "LA RAZA", MALDEF, LULAC do not represent the interests of mainstream American citizens of Hispanic heritage. Rather, their focus now has been on representing foreign nationals mainly from Mexico and Central America who are here illegally and using public monies to further programs and initiatives to assist them while they pursue an American Dream based on a false sense of entitlement and violations of our laws. This is an agenda that most Americans do not agree with, including many American Hispanics.

The backlash from the well-organized and well funded illegal alien marches/boycotts/protests supported and encouraged by La RAZA , it's affiliates and the Spanish language media should be of no surprise. I too, was appalled to see foreign nationals living here illegally have the audacity to take to the streets of our cities to demand benefits/privileges of citizenship and legal residency while blatantly, openly disrespecting our country's flags, customs, norms, and most of all the rule of law. What were the organizers thinking?
As an American Hispanic whose family immigrated here legally over 50 years ago, I was embarrassed and ashamed at what I was witnessing. My family played by the rules to come here legally, assimilate, naturalize and respect this nation. We expect everyone else to do the same no matter their country of origin.

Vice-Chair, Charter Member
Pennsylvania POC
You Don't Speak for Me

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a European immigrant who had no choice (my concience) but to come to the US legally I take great offense to the arrogance of those illegals with Latin backgrounds. It is a blatant discrimination against all those who observe and respect the laws of this country to be in support of all illegal actions. Spare me the "ay bendito" and "pobrecito". Nobody, but nobody forces people to come to the USA ilegally to clean peoples houses or pick up garbage. Europeans do need work visas, get the fact straight. We don't complain about the requirements necesary, WE FULFILL them because we want to be here and contribute to the growth of this country and not just use the country. We might not like the current laws, but we accept that only as citizens we have the right to vote and change them. Please, how does anyone dare to compare the immigrants who made this country and adapted to it, wanted nothing more than becoming Americans to those illegal immigrants who think they are entittled to equal benefits of citizens for the mere token that they are cleaning ones houses? Laughable! Yes, Americans are fed up and with good reason. I live in the USA and not only had, but wanted to learn English because that is the language of the country of my choice, the country that provides for me, the country that gives me the opportunities to fullfill my dreams, the country I can depend on. Now in South Florida I am pitied and ridiculed for not speaking Spanish, and who is the fool here? Of course I am a firm believer in Kennedy's words: "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", a quote that the Hispanic community ought to embrace, as difficult as that concept might be for Hispanic thinking. After all President Kennedy supposedly was much admired in many Latin countries. There are many, many hard working, law abiding Hispanics, unfortunately the ones making all the noise are those who should not be here in the first place and who don't deserve any attention. As a European immigrant I am fed up with the illegals and their constant complaining and constant blaming others for their circumstances. What an easy way out but so typical for latinos, no personal responsibility. Perhaps I should advocate in European countries, where many want to come to the USA, to come illegally and hide in churches or participate in demonstrations, raising their country flags and denounce and burn the US flag. Fortunately we have more respect for the USA, my country of CHOICE! All countries can choose and pick who they let in, like Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Cuba, European Nations, Russia, China etc etc, but USA is attacked and insulted if they try to apply their laws. Ridiculous! Yes, it is ridiculous that people flee from countries due to their political and/or economical chaos and try to create the same in the USA! Of course if LA RAZA bases their agenda on race only they will have big problems. If they truly understand the situation and are willing to actively listen to all sides, they should start by changing the title of their organization. SHAMEFUL! And yes, I am angry about the unfair attitude of entitlement of those who don't deserve to be part of this great country. If the pesant of the Andes does not understand this, it is the utmost responsibility of groups like La Raza to educate him and not to create hatred, resentment and anti-Americanism and support his belief that he can make it in the USA if he is legal and can't speak English, but he is being filled with artificially created illusions. It all sounds like a gigantic inferiority complex to me!

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Oppenheimer,

Mexico wants to create a North American version of the European Union. Open borders, free trade, no restrictions. Would you really support that? America would have no sovereignty left. And think of this, would the Mexican government allow any group of protesters in Mexico City to freely assemble waving a foreign flag? I highly doubt it. The hypocrisy is absolutely despicable.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andres buddy, after reading this article I realize that while you may perhaps be the self-described "Latino" expert you think you are (get the fine point there), you are clueless about the power center in this country.

By coming out and supporting ILLEGAL immigration and RACIST organizations like LA RAZZA - the race - you are misreading the situation profoundly. Can you imagine supporting the ideas of a white organization calling themselves that? Does KKK ring a bell?

The American Silent Majority has no problem with immigrants and never has. They DO have a MAJOR problem with their government's disregard for the constitution and laws already in the books. Laws that if they had been enforced in the past 20 years alone would have prevented the current situation.

Frankly, I no longer trust my government on this issue. It is clear they have become a wholly-owned subsidiary of special interests. So, I will vote out of office every politician that stands in the way of us securing our border - by any means necessary. When and if this happens then I will support doing something about the illegals already here.

Let me remind you that next year ALL members of the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the Senate are up for re-election, oh and the President too.

I hope they ALL realize the silent American Majority is watching.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am amazed at the rampant xeonophobia running throughout this rather redundant blog. Oppenheimer is of no consequence to anyone who is actually paying attention to what's taking place in America today. I just came to have a look after receiving a copy of Mr. O's latest attempt at journalism. This collection of Latino/Mexicano foolishness is boring. Soon, it won't matter what any of the racially motivated
folks have to say. Thank God.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! And I will repeat in public what I said in my email: Finally! Showing some balls! I agree it is time to end the bigotry. I have been fortunate not to be subject to a lot of it --I guess mainly because I spent all of my years in Spain-- but a lot of Latinos are.

So... what's next? What do we do?

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

carlos erban, being poor was standard for new arriving immigrants, whether they were Italian, Irish, Greek, Chinese....
That's how you earned your way into USA society. You work your way up. And illegals make way more than they did back in Latin America, so I don't want to hear your garbage.
It has nothing to do with color. The most blatant anti-USA, no-speakie English crap comes from Cubans, who are light-skinned Hispanicks.
Mahatma Gandhi Indians surely aren't white. Nor are Southeast Asian. Nor Filipinos. Yet I fully welcome them to the USA to do the work now done by Hispanicks, who all check off "white" on their census forms.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this article, it took courage to point out the popular sport that has swept America which is "illegal-immigrant-bashing" knowing that you would be deluged with angry comments.

It is ridiculous to hear the indignations of these anti groups against laws being broken ONLY when it comes to immigration laws, as they struggle to come up with an excuse as to why they do not spend just as much time emotionally debating the need to enforce speeding laws or tax laws...

The sport is fueled by propaganda on anti websites and by shameless demagogues like Lou Dobbs who get to spice up their ratings and name-recognition by simply catering to the bigoted, the biased, and the bullies... not to mention self-delusioned "enforcers", and other brainwashed groups.

The big lies they spread are everywhere, thank God that people do speak out against them and put their propaganda in its place. I appreciate it when not only regular average joe's call them out, but also when people with a position of influence actually use it to call attention to the angry mobs before there is nobody left to speak out against them.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GUAYMES SAID: Equating Jews and Africans with Hispanics, etc. The former being Americans first and Hispanics want to change America etc.
He has a valid point and Hispanics could learn from it. MEC

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent my response directly to Mr Oppenheimer who responded requesting I post it here. So I shall with the added comment that looking at other responses, Mr Oppenheimer should get a good idea of how well received his article was in general.

My response to Mr Oppenheimer:

Your use of “anti-immigrant” is inaccurate; obviously, considering your slant, deliberately so to insinuate Americans are anti-Hispanic. An immigrant is someone who comes here legally, not illegally by sneaking across our border, whether the Canadian border or the Mexican border.

Americans aren’t anti-Hispanic. I have Hispanic friends. They are also American citizens. I also have friends who immigrated here from other countries. They did so legally and are now American citizens.

The American people are against illegal aliens being allowed to reside or remain in this country, irrespective their nationality. If they want to come here, they can do it legally or not at all. It’s just that simple.

Your piece is a shining example of race-baiting and twisting of the truth intended to incite. Given the temperament of the American people, inciting a race war is probably not in the best interests of the illegal aliens.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to hit back against Latino and foreign bigotry

The National Council of La Raza -- the biggest U.S. Hispanic organization -- does not represent the interests of American citizens of Hispanic origin. Their constituency is that of Hispanics, mostly Mexicans, who are here illegally, are related, or are employing or sheltering an illegal alien. As a U.S. citizen of Hispanic origin, I have absolutely no use for an ethnocentrist political club that is intent on uncermining my country's values and patriotic symbols in the pursuit of a polyglot state beholden only to its race.

"The recent immigration debate in the Senate", died a much deserved death. It was bad legislation that sought to reward lawlessness by a group who are not legitimate stakeholders in our national debates at the expense of law abiding citizens. The truth is that the oft blandished number of 12 million undocumented workers, is an extreme undercount of the real dimension of the problem which has been estimated to be of between twenty and thirty million indiviual violators of immigration law who have imposed their presence and their demands for health, educational and social spending upon the American taxpayer while taking away jobs that Americans might do if the wages were not being depressed by the 6% of the US work force that lacks legal status.

You may find, in your personal opinion, that this Hispanic holds "anti-hispanic" sentiment. That would be far from true as the defining characteristic of the illegal alien is not an ethnic one, but one of his own choice when they decide to defy our laws and trample over our borders or come in legally with visas obtained under false pretenses.
Any poll on this issue by Bendixen and Associates would seem to be slanted as they draw enormous volume of work from the amnesty promoting cartel of organizations and employers. However, when 62 percent of their polled sample states that this phenomenon has directly affected them or their families. it underlines the fact that most illegal aliens depend on legal immigrants to aid and shelter them. These legal immigrants are in felony violation of federal immigration law and should lose their status and be repatriated in an expeditious manner as the law requires. If our government started doing this, the support which illegals enjoy would greatly diminish.

If you were to ask me "what fuels the current anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States, I'd tell you that it is the 20 million illegal aliens, their demands and sense of entitlement, the waste in our schools and medical facilities overburdened by a population that consumes more than it contributes in taxpayer funded programs. Theere is also the meddlesome nature of their governments who could care less about their welfare while they were within their borders, but become world-class humanitarians once these "cash cows" are no longer their obligation and are exporting billions of dollars of ill-gained-wealth to their kleptocratic societies. Oddly enough the departure of their most discontented workers has done nothing to address the underlying injustices, economic and labor oppresion that partly fuels this deceitful process. Were Janet Murguia to demand true change of Mexico's government, she might find herself no longer invited to its meetings or parties in their country or Embassy.

The fact that the largest group of Hispanic illegal aliens hail from a country where corruption and impunity seem to be widespread, and where might makes right is quite telling in the tack that NCLR recently announced to address the "wave of hate" they blame for their failure to ram down our throats some of the most specious and unjust legislation on record. I would consider that culture of entitlement and kleptocracy to be a risk for the fabric of our country and a belwether of the extent to which our craven elected officials have sold themselves to special and racial interest groups who hinder national unity by espousng divisiveness under the cover of diversity.

I believe the voters sent the Senate and special interest behemoths like the National Council of La Raza and the industrial groups their own message of: ''Ya basta!''. Twice as they tried to slip the Grand Sham past the American voter and failed miserably.

If The NCLR wants to assuage anti-Hispanic sentiment, maybe they should come out against illegal immigration and actively in favor of changing the underlying conditions in the countrie that feed this scourge. I have yet to see Janet Murguia take Mexic to task over the Dead Women of Juarez, THe massacres at Aguas Blancas or at Montes Azules, the recent disapearances in Oaxaca, and the list could go on and on. The fact is that those who lobby for the "undocumented" are firmly in the hip pocket of elitist and oppressive -pseudo-totalitarian governments who seek to export their problems and obligations to our country while gaining billions in stolen wages and undue influence by promoting ethnic allegiances over that of our own nation. We may now have "an underclass of 12 million immigrants that feel not only frustrated by not having a legal path to citizenship but increasingly insulted by the mainstream media", but we certainly do have tens of millions of citizens and voters who feel frustrated by a government which refuses to do the job it has sworn to do while aiding and abetting a criminal industry of which La Raza is but its leading pimp. The high-handedness and sense of entitlement embodied in the chutzpah of NCLR and the Senate have made the voter feel excluded. With 2008 upon us, those who represented the interests of foreigners over that of our voters may feel some feed-back from those who they were suppposed to represent.

As a Hispanic, I would reply to the veiled threat of violence similar to that of the violent 2005 riots by Muslim youths in the suburbs of Paris; Go ahead. It can only serve to galvanize the voters against tolerating the rule of lawlessness advocated by NCLR and the rest of its toadys.

This Hispanic is already saying: ''Ya basta!'', but to NCLR's Janet Murguia and the rest of the ethnocentric satraps who would saddle us with more welfare queens and fraud just like the 1986 amnesty bill did. It is time that we take back our country. Before it is too late. The issue of birthright citizenship may be the msot important one as millions of foreigner ofsprings have been given the benefits and trappings of citizenship when there is no law that supports such policy and the Wong-Kim-Ark decision, which predated the use of the terms: "illegal immigration" and "illegal alien", hinged on the fact that Wong's parents were permanent residents. Illegal alien parents are not "permanent residents" as defined in the US Code and as such birthright citizenship should not be attached to the children of those here illegally.

Neither side wants to debate that matter in court until they can be assured of a victory, but given the ethnic cartel's attitudes, this may be an issue that we should not put off much longer.

In the meantime, attrition through enforcement weems to be working in Georgia, Oklahoma and Arizona.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Carlos Erban said...

Whether you like it or not, we are a country of Immigrants. The Statue of Liberty is our symbol of Land of Opportunity. I think when we talk about the Immigration issue, we should be reminded about the history of Ellis Island -- where as many of 1/3 of today's U.S population is a decendant. Below is a link to some facts and history. What I found most interesting is the quote below and the numbers from each country.

"Despite the island's reputation as an "Island of Tears", the vast majority of immigrants were treated courteously and respectfully, and were free to begin their new lives in America after only a few short hours on Ellis Island. Only two percent of the arriving immigrants were excluded from entry. The two main reasons why an immigrant would be excluded were if a doctor diagnosed that the immigrant had a contagious disease that would endanger the public health or if a legal inspector thought the immigrant was likely to become a public charge or an illegal contract laborer."

Country Number of Immigrants
Hungary (1905-1931)
Austria (1905-1931)
Austria-Hungary (1892-1904)
Ottoman Empire
The West Indies
Poland (1892-1897and1920-1931)
France (Including Corsica)
Romania (1892-1897)
The Netherlands
Czechoslovakia (1920-1931)
Bulgaria (1901-1931)
Yugoslavia (1920-1931)
Finland (1920-1931)

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carlos Erban:

Ellis Island, by its very deffinition was a place of legal immigration. The current impossition promoted by NCLR is in favor of those who have infiltrated our country and communities and imposed their presence and demands for privileged status upon those who would have to foot the bill for their unlawful acts. In this case, the consequences of illegal and amoral acts are being visited upon the victims of these acts while their promoters, here and abroad, line their coffers.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

La policía te está extorsionando (¡Sincero!)
Pero ellos viven de lo que tú estás pagando
Y site tratan como a un delincuente (¡Ladrón!)
No es tu culpa, dale gracias al regente
Que arrancar el problema de raíz (¡Ahá!)
Y cambiar al gobierno de nuestro país
A la gente que está en la burocracia
A esa gente que le gustan las migajas
Yo, por eso me quejo y me quejo
Porque aquí es donde vivo
Yo ya no soy un pendejo
Que no guachas los puestos del gobierno
Hay personas que se están enriqueciendo
Gente que vive en la pobreza
Nadie hace nada porque a nadie le interesas
La gente de arriba te detesta
Hay mas gente que quiere que caigan sus cabezas
Si le das más poder al poder
Más duro te van a venir a coger
Porque fuimos potencia mundial
Somos pobres, nos manejan mal

Dame, dame, dame, dame todo el power
Para que te demos en la madre
Gimmi, gimmi, gimmi, gimmi todo el poder
So I can come around to joder (2x)
Dámele, dámele, dámele, dámele todo el poder
Dámele, dámele, dámele, dámele todo el power (2x)

Así es, ¡puto! - ¡Fuck you puto baboso!
Porque no nacimos donde no hay qué comer
No hay por qué preguntarnos cómo lo vamos a hacer
Si nos pintan como a unos huevones
No lo somos, ¡viva México, cabrones!
¡Que se sienta el power mexicano!
¡Que se sienta!, todos juntos como hermanos
Porque somos más, jalamos más parejo
Porque está siguiendo a una bola de pendejos
Que nos llevan por donde les conviene
Y es nuestro sudor lo que los mantiene
Los mantiene comiendo pan caliente
Ese pan es el pan de nuestra gente

R (4x)

El pueblo unido, jamas será vencido
El grito y el ruido, jamas serán vencidos

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo ya estoy hasta la madre
de que me pongan sombrero
escucha entonces cuando digo
no me llames frijolero.

Y aunque exista algún respeto
y no metamos las narices
nunca inflamos la moneda
haciendo guerra a otros países.

Te pagamos con petróleo
e intereses nuestra deuda
mientras tanto no sabemos
quien se queda con la feria.

Aunque nos hagan la fama
de que somos vendedores
de la droga que sembramos
ustedes son consumidores.

Don't call me gringo,
You fuckin beaner
stay on your side
of that goddamn river
don't call me gringo,
You beaner.

No me digas beaner,
Mr. Puñetero
Te sacaré un susto
por racista y culero.
No me llames frijolero,
Pinche gringo puñetero.

Now I wish I had a dime
for every single time
I've gotten stared down
For being in the wrong side of town.

And a rich man I'd be
if I had that kind of chips
lately I wanna smack the mouths
of these racists.

Podrás imaginarte desde afuera,
ser un Mexicano cruzando la frontera,
pensando en tu familia mientras que pasas,
dejando todo lo que conoces atrás.

Si tuvieras tú que esquivar las balas
de unos cuantos gringos rancheros
Las seguirás diciendo good for nothing wetback?
si tuvieras tú que empezar de cero.

Now why don't you look down
to where your feet is planted
That U.S. soil that makes you take shit for granted
If not for Santa Ana, just to let you know
That where your feet are planted would be Mexico

1:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This editorial is full of it.
First of all - the issue is ILLEGAL immigration. NOT immigration

What is so ironic here is that you are defending an organization that is RACIST. The name of La Raza is THE RACE. Built upon racism and scare tactics.

But because it is BROWN racism - that is ok. Because La Raza is the Klan with a tan - that's OK. La Raza is the modern day KKK.

You can name call Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh BUT Americans and LEGAL immigrants agree with them - and that is - uphold the law - which is no respecter of persons and does NOT know a skin color.

The senate amnesty bill had the churches, the president, elected officials, big moneyed corporations, the mainstream media, moneyed open border groups on and on PUSHING it YET it lost.

The senate amnesty bill lost because the American people stood up and the senate HAD to do the will of the people.

The senate bill failed. The 1986 legislation is still in effect which states, very clearly, if you are in the United States ILLEGALLY you are to be DEPORTED.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Carlos Erban said...

I think one point that many people against immigration miss is that the U.S. is a country of immigrants. If you are open-minded about this issue, keep reading. The term "illegal" immigration was non-existent during later part of the 19th and early 20th century. More than 1/3 of Americans are direct descendants from Ellis Island. I encourage you to do some research. I have added a couple of good historical articles on my blog. Also, did you know that Immigration laws changed about 20 times in the past 100 years. They needed to change to adapt to the changes in society. Laws change all the time; otherwise, we would still have laws that allow only White Men to vote.

4:08 PM  
Blogger guayames said...

How many of the people Mr. Erban wants us not to call illegal immigrants were processed when they came in, the way it was done to the ones coming through Ellis Island. Please don't equate them! The ones you are defending are coming in illegally, so the term illegal immigrant is correct.

4:27 PM  
Blogger guayames said...

And yes, the demonstrations with foreign flags and anti-American chants have waken the SLEEPING GIANT!

When that happens bigotry is fueled; pagan justos por pecadores!

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Hey anonymous, speeders and tax cheats don't threaten the integrity of the USA. Hispanicks will be the biggest threat facing the USA. get it?
Not only do Hispanicks hate the USA/"Anglos", but they will not speak English. They try to force their language and culture on the USA. They will not invest their money back into the USA. They bankrupt our hospitals and schools and overhwelm our prisons. They boo our international sports teams.
They try to rewrite USA History to make it appear as if they created the USA ("WE were here first!"). They steal jobs by Affirmative Action.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sleeping Giant is that who was drunk and full stomach of Triple Cheese Burger plenty of playstation III calling hispanic "race"?
American to Northamerican
7 continents insted of 5
Those Japanese and Chinese friends.
Lack of education in "america".

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Hery carlos erban, the only reason the USA is an "immigration nation" as you call it, is because Anglos are genetically gifted in creating modern, prospeorus societies that the rest of the world pays their life savings to be sneaked into.
If Hispanicks had that genetic gift, then your countries would be "immigrant nations". You act as if the USA was created by the UN with equal numbers of people coming from all over the world in 1776 to create and populate the USA.

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard what is Thorsen (amerikanik) saying?
"We were here first"!!!!!
Have you ever heard some kind of Big stupid words !!!
How old are you? 8 eight?
Or you are having Vodka for breakfast?
I'm still thinking that you lost your girlfriend or boyfriend in the arms of an educated an well looking Hispanik.

10:33 PM  
Blogger neal said...

Sir, I resent being labled racist and bigoted by anyone because I believe in upholding our nations laws.

My wife was a citizen of the Philippines. Even though we were married legally she still had to obtain a visa to come to the United States. She waited her 5 years and applied for American citizenship.

My wife works legally with a valid social security number. She pays taxes and has never taken a dime of government funded subsidies. She does not protest for immigrant rights so her family can come here as well.

That is what this is all about, following our laws and becoming an American. Supporting your country and its laws.

Anyone who says that I am a racist does not know me well at all. I treat everyone with the same respect, no matter their nationality and heritage. I judge people solely upon their actions. If a person is an asshole it is because they choose to be, not because they are of a particular race or nationality, and in my honest opinion every American who supports open borders and amensty for illegal aliens is an asshole.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good speech!
Delete the word asshole.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Cogito Argentum said...

ha ha ha, at leat someone who realizes that Andres is an asshole!

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

lynn stutur, I have problems with Hispanicks, whether they are legal or illegal. Unlike all other immigrant groups, Hispanicks refuse to accept English as our language, they try to force their language and culture on the USA, just as they have done to native societies all over the Americas. They boo our international sports teams. They defiantly wave foreign flags all over the USA. They will not buy American cars for fear of being called a "sellout" in the Hispanick community. They smuggle tens of billions of dollars out of the USA every year. They bankrupt our hospitals and schools. They can't bear to give their kids American names. They dumb down our schools. They refuse to acknowledge Anglos created the USA, instead trying to fool the world into thinking they created the USA. They want to rewrite our hisotry to make Anglos look like the bad guys. And them as the founders of the USA.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Thorsden:

I'm a Hispanic. I've served more than one tour in our military, my English is at least as good as yours and I'm in favor of enforcing our immigration laws. Our ethnic group, like yours, is made up of many individuals holding a myriad of views on many issues. To attempt to place us in a neat tight cubbyhole of opinion is a lazy attempt at rationalization. I really expected more of you.

The Spanish poet who is just as lame at reasoning as he is at rhyme should remember that Mexico belonged to the USA and that Winfield Scotts troops called Mexico City their garrison. Maybe that is what chaffes him; that the land that he calls his ancestral home was once ours and we discarded it as the worthless bauble that it has shown itself to be. Mexico was once a hemispheric economic powerhouse. Today it is more akin to a hemp plantation where the few have much and the many have what's left. How, pray do tell, will abandoning his ethnic brethren to their luck will help to righten the underlying innequities of his homeland?

From all I've seen, the American voting public have just about had it with these free loaders who impose their presence upon our hospitality and than have the chutzpah to call us names because we insist that they abide by our house's rules. If you bumblers keep it up, Tom Tancredo may actually win the nomination for the presidency as his message is the most coherent and consistent of all the pandering candidates of either party.

Andres is not so much an "Ojete" as he is pandering to his most likely reading public. We're just not it.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The racists from Mexico who are here calling us such, should thank Cortes for his audacity in conquering Nueva Espana with a meager 500 troops. They forget, when they call us names, that their race once took by fire and steel that which they wanted. How often does history repeats itself as today, they boast of how they are taking over entire communities.

Don't expect Jorge Ramos or Andres to tell the truth as their bosses in UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO and other outlets have too much money invested to care about inconveniences like the rule of law when their money could be lost if their audiences were sent back to where they belong.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subject: Your article “Time to hit back against anti-Hisbanic bigotry

Good try. Seems that LaRaza and Mexico will try the tactic that the Democrats have beat us to death with for years i.e.; bigotry. And you are right in front with the leftist propaganda. Sorry, that kind of stuff doesn’t really cut it anymore. We have other sources of information. It’s not like the 60’s and 70’s, when we had to listen to this type of propaganda, on the network news, or we got nothing.

And the very fact that I can respond to your attempt at bigotry, via email, says that the old Dem tactics just won’t work.

Please tell me, why did you not mention “one time”, that the people that we are so bigoted against, enter the country illegally, use illegal ID, and demand entitlements for entire families, with no pay in? And these same illegal aliens, some, if not many, criminals, run back to Mexico when they are caught in their crimes. A friend of mine was injured in and auto accident. The illegals had insurance, drivers license, home address etc. When she attempted to follow up with their insurance company, it was bogus. And, of course the home address was bogus. The illegals just disappeared.

We all want a reasonable work permit program, and that is not bigoted. We want new citizens, that obey our laws. We want borders that keep people from entering the country illegally and making demands on the country.

So, your attempt to claim “bigotry”, is simply interpreted as an attempt to ignore our borders and laws. And that is bigotry, against the American people.

Please, as an investigative reporter, go to Mexico. Identify the problems with the country. Who is corrupt. Who is bleeding the country dry. Mexico has abundant agriculture, tourism, oil and manufacturing, why can’t they help their people. Why is it, that their attempt to help their people is a comic book with maps to the US?

Why do you reporters, or journalist or whatever you call yourselves, refuse to take a good hard look at Mexico?

This should be our policy:

1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, and all government business will be conducted in our language.

2. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote, no matter how long they are here.

3. Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.

4. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, nor any other government assistance programs.

5. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

6. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT options will be restricted. You are not allowed to own waterfront property. That property is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

7. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign flag, no political organizing, no "bad-mouthing" our president or his policies. If you do you will be sent home.

8. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down and sent straight to jail.

Harsh, you say ?.......

The above laws happen to be the immigration laws of " MEXICO "!!!!!!!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-----Original Message-----
From: Vicky Collette []
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 1:07 PM
To: Oppenheimer, Andres - Miami
Subject: Basta

I read with interest your recent column about anti-Latino bigotry, especially in the media. I am hispanic, born and raised in Puerto Rico. I remember that October 12 was always celebrated as "El Dia de la Raza", meaning the Spanish, and I was always very aware of the subtle discrimination against people who weren't fair enough of skin or didn't have "good" hair. There was even the term "requintar', meaning you might be surprised at what might turn up in the 5th generation. So when it comes to bigotry, Latinos are right up there with the worst. Also, those 12 million people so called "undocumented workers" are illegal aliens. This is a country of laws and we do not become citizens by flaunting them. Watching the protests in California I flinched at the Mexican flags and sheer arrogance of people demanding citizenship on their own terms. There were signs saying "reconquista". And yet you are amazed that most Americans do not share your point of view. First of all: if you want to work here get a visa and go through the legal process. Yes, it's tough, but it is not our fault that life in Mexico is such a disaster. Then, and this is very important, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH !! Learn the culture and traditions of this country and become truly American. You don't want to do that? Then there is no reason for you to stay here. But instead you threaten riots and violence. Enough already. Basta ya.

Maria Victoria Morell
Chesapeake, Va 23321

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Time to hit back against anti-Hispanic bigotry" in today's Orlando Sentinel 7/25/07

It almost makes me want to vomit when you compare the plight of the black and Jewish fight against bigotry to the Hispanics' lack of fight against their own apathy. At least the blacks and Jews speak English and do not shove their culture down the throats of us who also want respect for our rights, meaning we white, black and Jewish people! I am waiting for the day when a "white" citizen, born in the United States, sues due to discrimination because they are refused a job for not speaking Spanish, or as I experienced in a phone store here in Kissimmee, treated as though we are invisible because we are the only "white" patrons in a predominantly Hispanic business operation. Would any Hispanic tolerate that in silence? I think not. They tolerate their apathy, but they get all up in arms over what the rest of us are tolerating in this country at their hands.
44 million Hispanics now comprise the largest minority in our country. Swell. Lucky us. Sir, you need to do a thorough investigation prior to writing such a slanted commentary because it lacks knowledge of what it is like to witness the destruction that occurs due to a minority majority who uses their ignorant and rude behavior under the guise of "cultural differences" and then shows a complete sociological apathy as to why bigotry might exist. If the Hispanic community does not like what non-Hispanics think and feel, maybe they should be asking us why.
Ya basta! "Already enough" Whatever! The vast majority of Hispanics are ruining our neighborhoods, our communities, our counties, our cities, our schools, our hospitals, our businesses, our states, and our country one at a time. They operate run down stores and shops they never paint or clean, let alone pick the trash up around. Most Hispanics fail to comply with any rules that are implemented to keep our communities and neighborhoods clean and aesthetically appealing. They are loud and rude at every school function, movie theater, and public meeting. Loud and obnoxious are not the same as cultural differences and for us to respect that, sir is ignoring our own rights. The Hispanic community hides behind that as an excuse, but in my opinion, blacks and Jews are even disgusted at how we, as a society and government, acquiesce to the control of the basic English language that results in true bigotry against us at their hands and not vice versa.
Legal or illegal immigration has less to do with why those of us watching our country turn into a dual-language haven where Spanish is the dominant spoken language of America, feel a sense of urgency to control the overtaking through immigration gone wild. Why in the world would this great country charge a small fortune to folks from the UK who wants to become citizens, yet allow so many to merely walk over the borders and be granted the same rights. Slanted and jaded commentary absent intelligent information from true experience is reckless journalism meant to incite, rather than educate with the facts.
Mr. Oppenheimer, the Hispanic population in Kissimmee demonstrates a level of apathy towards education, control of their children, pride in the appearance of their businesses and neighborhoods, reckless driving habits, increasing crime rates (shown by the mugs shot names of those responsible) and community involvement that has never been witnessed in any minority. That point was clear in your article. However, you might want to really hit the nail on the head and realize this is not a group desiring to follow the procedures and rules for being part of a country, but rather changing an entire country to only see and live the Hispanic way, in their language, with their behaviors shoved down our throats.
The Statue of Liberty references in this blog are comical. Give the darn thing back to France and see how many of the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free they will take in without a fight and make citizens.

Kissimmee FL

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I literally fell out of my chair when I read in Andres Oppenheimer’s “Time to Hit Back against anti-Hispanic Bigotry”.

I could not believe it when he said that “La Raza” doesn’t do enough to fight anti-Hispanic bigotry. Does he not realize that “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race”? In case he missed the subtlety, that is not “Races” plural, that is “Race” singlular. And he expects such an organization to fight bigotry? Could you imagine someone calling on a fictional organization called “The Whites” to fight bigotry? It would be as laughable a point as Andre’s is.

And just before he chastises Samuel Huntington for “sweeping [anti-hispanic] statements” he actually wrote “Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage … systematically blame Hispanics for America’s ills.” I have listened to those hosts regularly rail agianst illegal immigration - but never Hispanics. Isn’t such a sweeping statement by Andres the pot calling the kettle black?

I am sick and tired of the anti-illegal immigration position being intentionally mischaracterized as anti-Hispanic. If we were talking about 12-20 million illegal Swedes, my position would be the same. Andres’ unwillingness to use the word Illegal anywhere in his column, his support of the racist group La Raza, and his tar and feathering of anyone anti-illegal as bigoted says bounds about what his true motives are: a well assimilated American melting pot, it is not.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Cogito Argentum said...

"Mr. O's latest attempt at journalism..."


10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Does anyone here know what Spain did to "illegals" found living in their territory, even though such people were hundreds of miles away from any Spanish town? They were hunted down and massacred, that's what they did. They weren't given amnesty and taken into Spanish towns and set up for life.

from "North American Exploration", by Michael Golay, copyright 2003
page 169
After sailing from Spain by way of Puerto Rico, Menendez arrived off Florida's Atlantic shore on August 28, 1565, with five ships carrying some eight hundred persons. There he founded Saint Augustine, while at the same time brutally killing, capturing, and driving out the French under Philip II's order.

from "Spanish Texas", by Gerald Ashford, copyright 1971.
page 174
Nolan was not the first American to enter Texas, but he was by far the most important up to his time. Most of the handful of others who dared cross the border in the late 18th Century were either driven back or carried away to the mines of interior Mexico. To cross the Spanish iron curtain of that day, without a special license from the King of Spain, was in fact a capital offense.
When the English settled at Jamestown, they were constantly on the lookout for a Spanish attack against their foothold in the New World. They knew how Spain had responded to previous challenges to its claims made under the Papal Donation of 1493, including Pedro Menéndez's massacre of Frenchmen in La Florida in 1565.

1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the first American born of my family, which came to America in the early 1950’s. My family is from Germany. At the time of my family’s arrival, hostility towards Germans was pervasive as resentment of World War 2 had barely scabbed over the emotional wounds of those who suffered loss of loved ones. My parents came to this country legally! They knew that they had a big hurdle to clear if they were going to be accepted in this country.

My parents had to face the grueling challenges of learning the language, adopting the American way of life, and making sure my sister (born in Germany) learned English and was brought up to realize she was now going to be an American. My parents worked hard and eventually attained legal U.S. citizenship. They spoke the native tongue inside the house, but made sure that if they went anywhere, they spoke the language of the country in which they now resided. They did not draw attention to themselves by seeing how loud they could be in public. They did not break the laws and see how much they could get away with. They did everything they could to assimilate into American culture, while quietly maintaining the heritage from which they came. They did not tout how great it was in the old country and how America needs to change to accommodate their traditions.

Move forward to today. I currently reside in Central Florida. I have seen the ill effects of the Hispanic growth in this state. I see how self centered, rude, obnoxious, and ill mannered the so called Hispanics act. I have seen crime increase faster than the local authorities can keep up with. I have heard the woes of the local police and sheriff’s offices indicate how the influx of those Hispanic transplants from areas such as New York and Chicago do nothing to elevate themselves to a better way of life. Instead, they bring with them the same mentality of crime, trashiness, lack of respect, and feeling that rules do not apply to them. I have seen once beautiful neighborhoods decline from the influx of the uncaring transplants. I have seen our schools become little more than quasi penitentiaries where parents can abandon their children for 8 hours to be watched over by the teachers.

Our school performances are in great decline due to the apathetic parents of the Hispanic students. These parents do nothing to make sure their children are brought up to respect education and others. Their children do little academically, but do create an environment where students who actually want to learn are stifled by constant disruption.

I see a movement of Florida residents wanting to escape the decline of their communities by moving out of state for better living without the interference of a growing group of disruptive Hispanics.

I have noticed though that those who enter the country legally, from other Latin countries, seem to have the same ethic of working hard, and striving to fit into the American way of life. I see a lot of the problem stemming from American Hispanics who are second and third generation but use the heritage as an excuse for poor behavior. I see these Hispanic speakers who hide behind their ethnicity but can not even read their own language. I see how they have learned to work the system for the free benefits that this great country gives them and that I and my own children can not even get.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion it is time to say a big "HELL NO" to those who believe it is all right for a foreign country to invade The United States of America, march through the streets draped in their foreign national flag and demand rights they are NOT entitled to.
I think it is time to say a big "HELL NO" to anyone who says the Southwestern States belong to Mexico and they should be taken back by force if necessary and proposes killing the "old white gringos" and the "blue-eyed devils".
Who is the racist in this scenario? Well, it is NOT the Legal, voting citizens of the United States of America, Senor Oppenheimer!!

Read the Patriot It's Right--It's Free

10:54 AM  
Blogger Boli-Nica said...

Agree with Andres' diagnosis, don't believe in the proposed cure.

The anti-immigration debate has unleashed a lot of the overt/not so overt prejudice against Latinos in society at large. Which is not to say that all or many critics of immigration policies are "racist".

Latinos who say they have not experienced prejudiced attitudes are living in la-la- land. The wealthiest Latin enclave in the US is Miami. All you need to do is hear "white flight" anglos who now live north who say the nastiest things about "Cubans" - (a catch-all for all Miami Latins. Its exactly the same thing you hear from people in places like California, arizona, and the Carolinas against Mexicans.

What kind of prejudice is it? Part of it is, what Carlos Alberto Montaner described as the "absurd fear" of language in some Americans. some people can't stand people hearing a foreign language and a culture they don't understand speaking a language they don't get. They other is plain old-school racism, that hopefully is dying.

Sad part is that most of these prejudices are based on fundamental misconceptions about Latinos. Most of the data I have looked at from marketing studies, shows that 2nd and 3rd generation latinos speak mostly English. . As Montaner says Spanish is a "transition language". Run around young people born in Miami, and you will find they mostly speak English around each other. The most watched TV channel in Miami is is CBS. People outside the US can't escape the magnet of American pop culture, the pull is 30 times more powerful in the US.

Arguments about "mores" and "differences" simply recycles the same tired old views used against East European Jews,the Irish and Italians, from the Ellis Island days. Everyone in the US works hard, and you know you need to work hard to get ahead.

How about "attachments" to the "old country"? The IRA (a terrorist organization, trained by cold war enemies) up to recently would get cash from Irish-Americans more than a century off-the-boat.

Ultimately, it is the strength of American institutions of governance that joins the pull of culture, and of mores, to completely "acculturate" immigrants.

I do disagree with Andres on what some groups should or shouldn't do. La Raza raising hell will not do too much. There is a "Political Correctness" fatigue at this point, and it is harder to convince people in the middle, when you are getting into useless finger-pointing. Let the haters blab on, they will only end up hanging themselves.
NCLR or MALDEF would probably have followed such a strategy. It is a sign of their maturity that they don't. Focusing on voting strength and economic power will pay dividends.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Central Valley Real Estate Blog said...

Mr. Oppenheimer,
I think that you have it confused. Americans as whole don't have a problem with Hispanics, we have a problem with line jumpers, cheaters & those that defend it as
a "Human Right". You are a person that you say has been here for 30 years. Did you break the law and then insist that the country you came to cater to your wishes?
This bullshit of labeling people that break the law are "undocumented" is Orwellian and dangerous. You may get your wish one day and find a USA has become truly
borderless and as a result a big nothing like most countries in the 3rd world. How about appreciating this country and become a protector rather than a destroyer?

12:00 PM  
Blogger PapaNGoogie said...

YA BASTA! Excellent article.... particularly since it points out that immigration and the inflamed sentiments over the topic is connected with an Hispanic face.
$10 billion US dollars per month goes to Iraq, 40 million Americans are without health insurance, contaminated food is pouring in from China; yet the only way the Republicans can get their base all worked up is over immigration.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Andres. I think perhaps you need to
look at a different perspective. Let's use an
example of folks moving into your neighborhood,
but they don't have a house to stay in. They decide
to set up a tent and live in your yard. Now they are
good decent hardworking folks that keep to themselves
and don't really cause any trouble except they might
get a little loud on Sat. nites. I doubt that scenario
is very appealing to you and yes there is a law that
protects you and it is called trespassing. But suppose
that every neighbor in your town and the town next to
you and all around in fact had these trespassers living
in people's yards. So many that the police couldn't
arrest everybody so they didn't do anything. You
wouldn't be very happy. Now suppose these folks
were black. Would that make you a racist? No and
the rest of we Americans that don't want any more
tolerance of illegal immigrants aren't racist either. We
need to work on this problem together because the
key word here is illegal. Frustration exists for both
sides of this equation so we must follow the rule of
law to diffuse the mounting frustration of those that
belong here. The race card is a dog and pony show
that has been way overused and falls on mostly deaf
ears. Americans are really getting fed up with being
told we're deficient in everything that we do and feel.
Now that's frustration. Curt Smith Melbourne, Fl

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I responded directly to Mr. Oppenheimer, but he replied with a request to post my rant here.

Mr. Oppenheimer,

I read your "Time to hit back against anti-Latino bigotry" article in the Wednesday issue of the Orlando Sentinel. I must say your article was quite humorous to say the least. You stated, "The recent immigration debate in the Senate, which ended with the defeat of a bill that would have given a path to citizenship to many of the 12 million undocumented workers, has given way to the biggest explosion of anti-Hispanic sentiment I have seen since I arrived in this country three decades ago." Maybe if you read the bill and saw some of it's provisions you could understand why so many Americans are against it. My family came here from Italy in 1903. They arrived at Ellis Island and quickly tried to assimilate into this country which was now considered their new home. They learned English and started their own business. By the second generation, they only spoke English. It sickens me that there are stores in my own neighborhood (Albertsons) that are 100% Spanish. In America we speak English and it is wrong for a national chain to cater to one group of people. Why not an Arabic only Albertsons, or a Chinese only Albertsons? Maybe because these groups of people are happy to be here and want to embrace our culture to fit in. How does this encourage Hispanics to assimilate and learn to communicate with the rest of the English speaking Americans?

Do you forget how many American citizens lives are ruined due to stolen identities for these illegal workers? How many counterfeit document providers do we have to arrest to show that this problem directly effects hard working American citizens because the illegal worker can't get here on their own?

When my wife came here from overseas, she had to learn English because the USA didn't cater to her native language. We followed all of the requirements to make her a legal citizen. She waited years to get a green card before coming here. Then she waited 5 years to even file the N-400 form. We paid the money and studied the history. We made the phone calls and after time, she was finally a legal US citizen. If this process is good enough for her, then why must we allow illegal immigrants (undocumented workers as you call them) of Hispanic origins to do the same but not have to go through the same process? I read the bill and it was ridiculous what it granted 12 million immigrants. It was certainly not the same criteria for other races of people in this country.

You go on to say, "When asked what fuels the current anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States, 64 percent of Hispanics in the poll mentioned one factor: "racism against immigrants from Latin America." Where's your poll of what Americans actually felt? Way to leave it out. Maybe we know that our broken health-care system can't handle the sudden influx of 12 million more people all at once (+ the 4 family members each the amnesty bill proposed, which makes it more like 30+million people realistically). I've worked in our health care system and have seen firsthand the uninsured, non-English speaking people who use our hospitals to take of their children for free. I've seen the mom of 4 who has no insurance, yet she's dripping in gold and has a cell phone and a Ford Excursion outside. How can this be? She can't afford insurance, but she can afford the luxuries that many Americans can't? Please!

How about the migrant workers who drive illegally and cause accidents? Who pays for the damage to the people and property they hurt? Is that the racist Americans fault too?

Why do we have to have bi-lingual police officers and court officers and health-care workers to satisfy illegal & legal Hispanics? Why not cater to other races of citizens and non-citizens? After all the most widely spoken language on the planet is not Spanish, it's Chinese. Maybe we should cater to them instead of Hispanics?

How about the elderly new citizens who would be allowed full SS benefits with the manesty bill? Where will our already broken SS system get the money to handle this influx? Are you going to personally contribute more money or forfeit your SS benefits to help fix the problem? I doubt it.

I have nothing against coming here legally, but your article points the finger at the Bad American who is racist against the poor illegal Hispanic. Maybe Americans don't want amnesty for 12 million Hispanics because we've all seen the pictures from Monticello High where the Hispanic students took down the American flag and hung it upside-down BENEATH the Mexican flag. If these people don't have enough respect for my country that my grandfathers defended during WWII, then why would I want them to become legal citizens by way of amnesty? If you don't like my country, then leave, no one is forcing you to stay here if you don't want to embrace and love my country.

Look around Mr. Oppenheimer, I see you write for the Miami Herald, can you honestly say that if a person was to go to Miami they could find that the majority of Hispanics speak English? No I think not.

How about the Wet Foot Dry Foot policy? Once again we give amnesty to Cubans who manage to touch American soil. I enjoyed the article about the 30 Cubans who arrived not too long ago, but showed no signs of being at sea for the 3 days they claimed, nor did we ever find the boat they floated up in. We as Americans aren't stupid and we know when we are being lied to and when people are trying to take advantage of us.

That is the main reason why American aren't for the amnesty bill for the 12 million illegals in this country. Maybe you should go poll some Americans and ask them why they weren't for it, instead of asking the Hispanics what they think? Are you afraid of the answer you may get?

75% of the country is against the bill, so I seriously doubt that anti-Hispanic racism has reached that large of a percentage of our country. We know a bad idea when we see it. We have rules and restrictions for coming to this country and they should apply to ALL not some. We shouldn't have to take in every person who wants to come here. We are the citizens of the greatest country on earth, why should we not be selective of who we allow in? The rules are fairly simple:

Maybe you should spend your time helping Hispanics, actually all foreigners, with the paperwork and processes to become legal instead of pointing the finger and making claims of racism. The racism card is a easy card to play.

Here's an email that floated around the Internet for a while that sums it nicely as well:
So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in question aren't being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.
Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home.
They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture.
Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity. Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from Germany , Italy , France and Japan . None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan . They were defending the United States of America as one people. When we liberated France , no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people of France saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country's flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.
And here we are in 2006 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I'm sorry, that's not what being an American is all about. I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900's deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.
And for that suggestion about taking down the Statue of Liberty , it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn't start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.
(signed) Rosemary LaBonte

Get a clue Mr. Oppenheimer the majority of the country can't be wrong when it comes to amnesty. If you don't like it, then maybe you can go to Mexico and make it a better place to live than the US.

6:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Andres,

I just want to say that I support 100% what you are saying.
This blog for example is showing how racist people are in USA.

For Puerto Rican and Cubans is easy to be against other latinos cause they don't have immigrations problems.
I don't think they are pure latinos.

More than 50% of undocumented people are here because they overstay their visas.
They are people from everywhere..Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada, and of course ..South America.
But Lou Dobbs and the other racists don't talk about them.Ando also the people who are complaining in this blog.
Come on guys..admit it people don't like latinos because they work hard and they make money in your country.

If someone has a criminal record...yes...the government has to deport them because they are not good immigrants.

Don't be racist....maybe one day you will need to fly away from your country and maybe go to south America....and you won't want to this happend against you.

Think about it and STOP being Racists!

8:29 PM  
Blogger Luis J. Gonzalez said...

Dear Mr. Oppenheimer, I read your article "It's time to fight aint-Latino bigotry", in our local Arizona Daily Star newspaper, with great interest .

I'm sorry but my wife and I (both Latino's) cannot agree with you. It's the same old spin with you and the other special interest groups push, "racism". You write about the talk show radio and TV stations that go far beyond the boundaries of fair debate over the need to fix the U.S. immigration system, and that twist the facts in the good faith of those who make them. Also, your statment, "A new nationwide poll by Bendixen and Associates says 76% of U.S. Hispanics agree with the statement that "anti-immigrant sentiment is growing in the U.S." You and the pollsters just don't get it, it's discontent with "illegal immigrants" that has grown in the U.S. We listen to these radio and TV stations and never heard these "over the top" dialogs you talk about. They have been strong in their views, as we have been in ours.

You talk about the "good faith of the people who worked on this bill". We are poor uneducated, brown colored citizens of this country, who believed in the system back in 1986 when President Regan proposed an illegal immigration bill sponsored by "Sen. Kennedy", with the promise, "This is a good bill, it'll solve a lot of the illegal immigration problems". We bought into this farce and agreed to have it passed, and what do think, "nothing was done to slow down illegal immigration", the problem only got worse. Years later, we were left wondering, "what happened"!! These promises, from presidents and politicians, to solve the illegal immigration problems, have been going on since 1986, "Nothing ever gets solved". All we hear from them now, is, "You should have given the bill a chance, we "promised" we would fix the problem!!" Look back on this piece of history, what do you see wrong, then you wonder why the citizens don't trust the presidents nor the politicians. Oh I forgot, who do you think sponsored this latest illegal immigration bill, your buddy, Kennedy!!

Now you have the gall to call us, U.S. citizens, "racists"!!! Why don't you look at the facts. We are only two persons, but we will NOT agree to let this government shove another bad immigration bill down our throats!! We are not the only ones who feel this way, you have lot more Latino's, black persons, yellow persons, and hey, white persons who believe as we do. We will not buy your "racists" title".

I have a fair proposal to make to you. The day you and the rest of the “Pro Amnesty” people start paying and keep paying for our share of the taxes for what the illegal immigrants use in social welfare, then we’ll let you pass any “Amnesty” bill you want, and allow as many illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. Now doesn't that sound fair to you??

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Hey anonymous, Los Dobbs doesn;t say anything about those Asians and Europeans who overstay their visas because those people contribute to the USA and they try to fit in. They don;t try to force foreign languages on the USA as you Hispanicks try to force your loser language on us nor do they wave foreign flags all over the USA and boo US international sports teams.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Paul Thorsen needs to get a life. And many others too......

It is one thing to respectfully disagree, but a clear indication there is a trend of scapegoating and racism when replies are filled with incredible ignorance, hate, and venom.

Oppenheimer wrote a powerful piece and an honest one too. If it had been weak, then it would not have received all this bile.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

OK anonymous, you tell us why we are wrong. You tell me what Hispanicks do to show they really want to be American and that they contribute to the USA.
I see you people smuggle tens of billions of dollars out of the USA instead of investing the money back into the USA I see you Hispanicks bankrupt our social services. I see you people refuse to buy American made cars, instead defiantly driving foreign cars with the obligatory foreign flag hanging from the rear view mirror. You people refuse to speak English. You people try to force your language and culture on the USA. You people can't bear for your kids to have American names. You people try to rewrite USA History to make it appear as if Hispanicks created the USA. You people try to force us to adopt Hispanicks as the early trailblazers and heroes of the USA.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a deal for you all.

In the interest of fairness and neighborly relations with our fearless neighbor to the south, let's just adopt Mexico's immigration laws verbatim in this country.

* Try to buy land in Mexico.
* Waive a non-Mexican flag in public.
* Enter into Mexico illegally.
* Overstay your visa in Mexico.

Andres, why don't you write a column about this! In English and Spanish of course.

Patiently waiting......

2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I think Paul Thorsen needs to get a life. And many others too......

It is one thing to respectfully disagree, but a clear indication there is a trend of scapegoating and racism when replies are filled with incredible ignorance, hate, and venom.

Oppenheimer wrote a powerful piece and an honest one too. If it had been weak, then it would not have received all this bile."

Honest piece? Please, not even close. He never even got the other side of the story from Hispanic Americans who don't agree with amnesty either, nor did he mention any numbers relating to number of Americans who were against this bill. I'm sorry, but the vast majoirty of this country is anti-Latino.

You say the replies are filled with Lies and hate, where? Show me the lies or at least quote them and correct them.

You're just as bad as Oppenheimer. Open your eyes and see it isn't racism, it's a country as a whole agreeing to disagree with an amnesty program for illegals. If you can't see that, then you truly are an ignorant person. The writing is on the wall and we won't stand for any amnesty for ANYONE! We did it once before and it didn't work, why would we do it again? Fool me once.........

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy Jp and the other asshole Paul Thørsen are racists.

They are scared about the latin people because they think that latinos are going to steal their jobs or their country.

Amen losers!!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Paul Thorsen

Please...learn to write English!
The word is "Hispanics" (no "k")!

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucio Cabanas said:

Andresito wrote a powerful piece... of stool. Polls have indicated that the vast majority of Americans oppose granting amnesty to illegal aliens. That the ethnocentrist cartels like NCLR have taken that to mean Latinos, only points out that they know that the vast majority ofthe offending parties are Latinos and that half of those originate in one speciffic country, which their organization happens to represent while bamboozling the rest of the Latinos into thinking their views are being espoused by the "Chicanos-are-us" organizations.

To try to make an issue of law and individual responsibility into one of racial hues, is facetious and fails to recognize that the real xenophobic animus is the one that expels workers from the countries they would rather remain in but whose oligarchs refuse to institute reforms that provide a decent living standard for their citizens. Instead, they opt to undermine the rule of law in our country through their agent organizations.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also have illegal American
inmigration in Panama that refuses
to learn / speak Spanish or
assimilate into Panamanian culture and society.
Problems like that are everywhere.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more O'reilly, no more Ninoska,
just OBAMA!

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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But I reali dun think da world is going to end...start a new era maybe but the world is not ending.
That's not gonna happen till a thousand years later! Ok, I'm not sure bout that either but that's not the point! The world's not gonna end! Full stop!
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12:44 AM  

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