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Thursday, June 14, 2007


MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay -- South America's 15-year-old Mercosur trade bloc -- made up of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela -- recently inaugurated a European Union-styled regional parliament here amid hopes by many Uruguayans that this capital will become ``the Brussels of South America.'' But I didn't find many optimists here about the future of the regional parliament or -- for that matter -- of the trade bloc as a whole. Read the full column here, and let us know whether you agree.


Blogger leftside said...

The negativity and political part of Mercosur is being played up by the right-wing political enemies of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela in an effort to scuttle regional integration. But only by sticking together can Latin countries get good deals from el Norte - and begin to plan strategically.

Of course, sometimes objectionable compromises must be made to preserve unity - a lesson the Andean CAN bloc understands.

Meanwhile this piece ignores the Banco del Sur - a new development bank where (smaller) Uruguay gets an equal seat at the table. Mercosur's opponents want to focus solely on trade for narrow ideological reasons - they're against state doing any planning or anything at all for that matter. Parlasur and Banco del Sur are important steps.

12:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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