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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Will Congress pass the pending free-trade agreements with Colombia, Peru and Panama? Or will the United States effectively turn its back on some of its few remaining friends in Latin America? Read here what prominent congressional watchers told me, and my opinion about it. And let us know what YOU think Congress should do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously Latin America including major countries such as Brazil or even Argentina are not a very high priority in the US Congress; for a quick snapshot of who is or is not a high priority of the US Congress you can search the online database of legislation from the current US Congress; researching legislation by country name you get the following results :

Colombia: 4 Bills in Congress
Panama: 16 Bills in Congress
Peru: 2 Bills in Congress
Brazil: 5 bills in Congress
Argentina: 2 Bills in Congress
Venezuela: 8 Bills in Congress
Canada: 82 Bills in Congress
Cuba: 24 Bills in Congress
Chile: 11 Bills in Congress

Israel: 127 Bills in Congress
China: 57 Bills in Congress
Iran: 51 Bills in Congress
United Kingdom: 42 Bills in Congress
Germany: 38 Bills in Congress
France: 32 Bills in Congress
Syria: 22 Bills in Congress
Australia: 22 Bills in Congress
Japan: 18 Bills in Congress


The above provides everyone with a very good snapshot of what the priorities are of the "honorable" US Congress.

My personal view: as long as the US Congress keeps wasting American taxpayer money by passing 10 times more congressional legislation for such countries like Israel and Cuba and Syria instead of focusing on important trade issues there will never be any change; the US is doomed to failure because the US Congress has become a hotbed of corruption which simply no longer represents the needs of the average American.

Yesterday it was announced that Japan's Toyota overtook GM in global car sales; when you look at the above statistics and see that the US Congress wasted more time with Cuba than with Japanese trade issues you have to agree with me that the US is doomed; its the end of the American empire which is collapsing from rampant corruption which has contaminated the entire system.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brazilian president Lula described yesterday how Latin Americans presidents used to compite in order to obtain USA favors.

With just few exception that situation has successfully changed. Now, most of our presidents are discussing how the Union of our countries can be achieved.

Our desire of a local "Euro like" currency is closer than ever.

Those changes are due to our dream of freedom and self dependence and Chavez is just circumstantial.

Latinamericans countries has begin to develop their own solutions by themselves.

Please, let democrats taking care of the american jobs position that can be lost by a free trade agreement.

Latinamerica is getting well without the American help. You shouldn't be afraid about that.


Ruben P.
Rosario - Argentina

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Ruben who always makes excellent comments by the way.

It is grave mistake to focus too much on the US; while it is certainly an important market it is simply no longer the dominant market.

The EU today is a consumer market of 450 million people; the European economy today is larger than the American market. China, India, Japan, Russia, Latin America today are all massive fast growing markets.

The US unfortunately still believes that it reigns supreme but the reality is they are punching far above their actual significance; I happen to work in global commerce and I can tell you that the US as a market today especially for Latin America simply no longer carries the weight it once did.

For Latin America today the Intra-Latin America trade in particular has grown immensely as has the trade with the EU , Russia and the far east .

America is today a failed country which has become bogged down in illegal wars far away from its own shores; in the meantime its domestic economy is imploding and the political leadership has become completely corrupt.

The next American presidential election will be purchased for at least 1 Billion U$ - that will be the total cost of the presidential campaigning there.

So unsurprisingly at the very top corruption reigns supreme- you only have to look at the American head of the World Bank Mr. Paul Wolfowitz who launched a global campaign against corruption and then turns around and forces his underlings at the World Bank to promote his girlfriend and give her payraises of U$ 50,000.

And yet here we still have to listen to the Andres Oppenheimer's of this world trying to peddle the idea that the US is some sort of role model for the world and for Latin America.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

åndêrš, what a bunch of nonsense. India and China don't have free trade deals with Latin America.
So what if Hugo Chavéz is trying to gain influence in the region? Why would that either concern me or affect me in any way?!
My opinion: any favorable USA trade deals SHOULD be made with our loyal friends like the South Koreans, Japanese and Israelis and should be for both our our benefit.
åndêrš wants trade deals that greatly benefit Latin America while simultaneously hurting the USA.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Rübên, that's nonsense. Latin America is not developing their own solutions to their problems.
Go read åndêrš' blog last week. Every single one of his proposals involved depending on the USA/"Anglos" to care for you people and to provide jobs for you.
Hey anonymous, if the USA is a "failed society", why is it that tens of millions of you Latin Americans have forced your way into the USA and continue to come by the millions every year?

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lou Dobbs is setting trade policy. No one who the public will listen to is interested in more trade agreements. If anything, candidates for the US presidency will have to promise that we won't surrender any sovereignty to Canada or Mexico. Maybe promise to renegotiate NAFTA to limit its effects.

I can't see any reason for the Korean trade proposal to succeed, either. All that's needed is to say "Hyundai will import cars without tariffs." Even members of Congress with Toyota plants in their districts will get upset.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Latin America is consistently pushing USA away. Waging war against the "imperialism" is the new fashion on all South America ans Middle East. Why should USA sign a FTT with such a region having such policies? well, Colombia and Panama have standed as main allies to the US in the region, so as Mexico; Peru will hopefully turn into that side as so will Chile (even is Bachelet´s ideology is "socialist", Chiles market has been open for FTT witKorea, China and the US).

Th US should aprove the FTT with these countries so they can remain allies of the US in teh future. Even if such a deal would harm both sides, a drop of cooperation in the region will mantain some of the US reputation in SA, if there is some.

It is to regret that countries like Ecuador have rejected such kind of deals, postposing them for the future, in a deal that will include Bolivia, if it ever happens. Trying to force our way out by ourselves is just as terrible as not knowing how to ask for loans and invest money in production programs. instead, countries nationalize the enterprices and big bussines field trying to get more money to spend in unrationally, just as a middle east country.

A union of poor countries will create a bigger poor country rather than a rich one. Even some countries union is unlikely due historical disputes. If Latin America haves at least some perspective on progress, FTT will make them to improve the industries to compete with "american" ones, Just as it happened with Mexico. Creating new sources of production is the key, rather than nationalize the ones that allready exists and depend on them, or other international support.

Lets be serious, if the US had another oil source and stopped buying it from Venezuela, Chavez would be the first cry-baby in the line, blaming the US for the poorness in the region... wait, he allready is.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sendero Luminoso + Alqeda + Farc
Insert in the poors, In Latin America, with Hugo Chavez make fool
to one step of USA, Its Good?

Only Think
Forget Latin America, to be good today,, but Tomorrow?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Hey anonymous, Osama bin Laden and "Alqeda" say their hatred of the USA is purely religious. It has nothing to with USA/"Anglo" neglect of the region. I say the hatred is because of our friendship with Israel.
I say the hatred Spanish descended Latin Americans have of the USA/"Anglos" is because you people feel humiliated that your historic rivals, the "Anglos", have whipped you people in every conceivable way and macho Hispanic pride will not allow it.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The New Zealand Herald published a piece today on the disastrous US handling of international tourists- the world should issue a Travel Warning for the US because tourists who for some strange reason decide to vacation in the US are routinely mistreated and abused.

That's precisely why I avoid the US like the plague; the last thing I need on my holiday is to have to deal with some low income-low schooled American homeland security bureaucrat telling me in some ghetto style broken English to take off my shoes and my belt etc.


"In a recent poll of international travellers, commissioned by Discover America Partnership, a coalition of US tourist organisations, 70 per cent of respondents said they feared US officials more than terrorists or criminals. Another 66 per cent worried they would be detained for some minor blunder, such as wrongly filling out an official form or being mistaken for a terrorist, while 55 per cent say officials are "rude."

10:14 AM  
Blogger maria t.p.v. said...

Mucha culpa de la inmigracion ilegal en culpa de la corrupcion de los gobiernos latinoamericanos. No creo que se quede atras el gobierno de Estados Unidos en cuanto a corrupcion,de todas maneras los que vienen tienen que saber que (Ellos los "LATINOS") no seran nunca considerados ciudadanos de Primera,si es que llegan a ser ciudadanos. De todas maneras trataran de seguir viniendo,porque quieren Comer,simplemente eso. tienen Hambre. A la vez hay que comprender el miedo de la gran mayoria del pueblo americano,cada vez se sienten mas invadidos;marchas de Gente Distinta, que piden derechos (que no se si les corresponde),nos guste o no es la verdad. en nuestra querida tierra Argentina tambien nos invadieron y asi quedamos. bye

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no tenemos idea de lo que producen los indocumentados de tantos paises de latinoamerica en estados unidos hasta que anualmente los gobiernos publican las cifras de los cientos de miles de dolares que los TRABAJADORES envian a sus familias y eso que es solo una parte ya que tienen que comer , pagar rentas comprar ropa etc.Muchos de ellos pagan impuestos y como ud. dice se les deberia premiar, ¿ que tal que esos impuestos se les tomara a cuenta por la multa que se pretende cobrar por haber ido a trabajar sin documentos?

12:48 PM  

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