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Thursday, February 01, 2007


After reading in The Miami Herald that a Miami city commissioner proposed holding a party at the Orange Bowl when Fidel Castro dies, I called several leading opposition figures in Cuba to ask for their reactions. Most said it's a terrible idea. To get the details on what they told me, and what I think about it, read the full column here, and let us know what YOU think.


Blogger Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Not celebrate because "celebrating anybody's death offends that person's family members?" Does Payá mean Raúl? What about the celebrations in the streets when Castro dispatched thousands without due process in the first year of the Revolution. Remember? "¡Paredón, paredón, paredón!" Then the castristas were celebrating the murder of innocent Cubans and didn't give a damn about their families. The exiles will be celebrating the peaceful death of their murderer and the end of his 48 years of unelected rule.

As for Espinosa Chepe's comment that Fidel Castro "will always leave behind a sentimental thing of respect among many people," it says more about him than about the Cuban people. What exactly is this "sentimental thing" that he feels for Castro? One would expect the nomenklatura to feel "sentimental," but why Espinosa Chepe?" This is one of those questions that answers itself.

When Pinochet died Chilean Communists danced on the streets of Santiago. No one criticized the revellers although they were celebrating the death of a man, not the end of his rule. Pinochet had relinquished power 16 years earlier after losing an election for president. Castro, who has never held an election in Cuba much less won one, will die as a dictator. Cuban exiles will be celebrating the end of his rule. Castro is to blame for the fact that the end of his rule came only with his death, not Cuban exiles.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Anônimo said...

That´s the beauty of freedom. Everyone can celebrate Castro´s death. Actually, we are free to celebrate anything, right? Hopefully, one day I´ll be dancing over Bush´s dead body too...

But the right can not be extended to governments. When Pinochet died Chilean (not only communists, my dear Manuel) danced on the streets of Santiago. But their president Michelle Bachelet, who was tortured during the bloody regime of Pinochet, provided a respectful funeral to the ex-president.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

from: Paul Thørsen

Hey LuisRosa, I too will be dancing when George W Bush dies. He was killed many young Americans in Iraq for no good reason.
Although I am not Cuban nor Hispanick, I think I can say a celebration of Fidel's death would be very bad. Because most of the recent boat people from Cuban are suppossedly ardent admirers of Castro. They aren't forcing their way into the USA for ideologial reasons. It's about $$$$$$, wanting a higher standard of living.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oppenheimer continues to have an unhealthy obsession with Cuba and several posters mentioned above whatever celebrations will happen the day Castro dies they will be infinitely smaller than the global party by 5 BILLION citizens around the world the day GW Bush dies !

Oppenheimer should never forget that while Cuba is definitely no paradise on earth it seems to be a lot better managed compared with American colonies such as Haiti, Iraq or Guantanamo...

Finally regarding Oppenheimers comments about jailed dissidents in Cuba: the US incarcerates 2 million of its own citizens- no other country on the face of the planet holds so many people in prison gulags.

Oppenheimer's USA is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest prison population on earth- not even communist China has that many prisoners.

In short; Oppenheimer lacks credibility whenever he discusses Latin America as he has completely lost all sense of objectivity ; the US today is the number one source of global evil (US has killed already 800,000 civilians in Iraq) - it makes absolutely no sense for Oppenheimer who lives under the Nazi like Bush regime to ignore the massacres of the US regime and focus instead on tiny islands like Cuba which have opted to live under Castro's rule.

Oppenheimer should never forget that the Cubans are masters of their own destiny; when the Cubans could no longer tolerate Batista's rule the Cubans revolted and threw him out. Likewise if they are no longer satisfied with Fidel Castro it is up to the Cuban people to deal with him ; if this has not happened in the last 5 decades it is because the Cuban government has been succesfully providing for the Cuban people notwithstanding whatever Oppenheimer writes from his condominium in Miami.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Construyes puentes con Latinoamérica, Cuba en este caso, enviando chuletas?? Hace un tiempo propusiste un cañonazo de miles de dólares para los dirigentes cubanos. Hoy hablas de enviar chuletas???

Todo el nivel que muestras en algunas notas se cae, y virtualmente se hace trizas, cuando hablas o aconsejas a los Anticastristas.

Una vez más, queda en claro el paupérrimo nivel intelectual de los Anticastristas. Prefiero creer que te contagias de ellos, o mejor, que lo haces porque sinceramente es parte del trabajo que te encomienda el Herald.

Ante la muerte del Comandante Castro pueden apelar a cualquier método o práctica. Pero tengan en cuenta que más allá "del Régimen" hay personas CON DIGNIDAD que no se van a vender por una chuleta.

Saludos cordiales,

Rubén P.
Rosario - Argentina

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason I post here is because I'm forced to come across Oppenheimer's writings whenever La Nacion in Argentina publishes his pieces.....

I'm absolutely appalled by his writings; take for instance in this latest article where Oppenheimer proposes to
" use the occasion to expose Cuba's disastrous economic policies by collecting food for the Cuban people, who -- under their food rationing cards -- do not have access to any red meat; only three quarters of a pound of soybean picadillo per person per month."

Oppenheimer seems to forget that Cuba is subjected to a near total economic blockade by the US regime- a blockade which has lasted now some 5 decades.....

Maybe Oppenheimer could try to explain to his readers why the US regime decided to block all trade with Cuba whilst countries such as China and Vietnam who have similar governments as Cuba do not suffer the same economic blockade ?

If Cuba were not subjected to this economic strangulation by the US regime the income from tourism and trade would enable Cuba to increase the amount of food available to all Cuban citizens.

Unfortunately fanatics like Oppenheimer & Bush would prefer to starve all Cubans before allowing that country to decide its own political setup.

The economic strangulation of Cuba has been one of the great crimes of the last century - it has been made possible by ideological fanatics like Oppenheimer and George W Bush.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oppenheimer should have sent "chuletas" to the masses in New Orleans when the whole city was starving for weeks after the hurricane disaster.

The exact same hurricane that also destroyed Cuba but oddly enough the Cuban government somehow managed to care for its entire population following the storm whereas in Oppenheimer's USA the masses starved and died on camera as witnessed by the entire world.

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Thørsen
from: Paul Thørsen

Hey anonymous, the reason the USA hasn't imposed an economic embargo of Vietnam is twofold.
First off, Vietnam didn't steal ("nationalize") any USA companies.
Secondly, there weren't hundreds of thousands of vote eligible Vietnamese in the USA demanding we do such a thing, as Cubans who reside in the USA have demanded. Their demands have nothing to do with Castro stealing USA companies, but rather their gripe is about Castro stealing their homes and businesses.
* March 3, 1959 - The Cuban government nationalizes the Cuban Telephone Company, an affiliate of ITT, and immediately reduces telephone rates.

* January 1960 - Cuba expropriates 70,000 acres of property owned by U.S. sugar companies which includes 35,000 acres of pasture and forest land owned by United Fruit, (now United Brands and Chiquita Brands). United Brands owns an additional 235,000 acres of land in Cuba and several hundred thousand acres in Guatemala. In 1954 the government of Guatemala threatened to expropriate all of United Fruit's land holdings in that country.

* June 6, 1960 - Cuba requests the two US oil refineries, Texaco and Esso, and one British refinery, Shell, to process a shipment of Russian crude oil. The companies refuse and on June 28 Cuba orders the refineries nationalized.

* July 5, 1960 - Cuba orders the nationalization of all US businesses and commercial properties in Cuba.

* August 6, 1960 - Cuba nationalizes all U.S. owned industrial and agrarian enterprises.

* September 17, 1960 - Cuba nationalizes all US banks including First National City Bank of New York, First National Bank of Boston, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

* October 24, 1960 - In response to the U.S. declaration on October 19 that it will impose an embargo, Cuba announces that it will nationalizes all remaining U.S. property on the island.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Do Argentines still eat beef for breakfast, Rosario?

Then you are very lucky indeed, because beef has not been on the Cuban ration card since 1962. Nor is milk available in Cuba except for children under the age of 7.

Before the Revolution, Cubans ranked 3rd in the Hemisphere in the consumption of beef after Argentina and Uruguay.

And, of course, before 1959 Cuba outpaced Argentina on all economic indicators as well as on all indices of social achievement.

It is Communism that has destroyed Cuba's economy, not your imaginary "blockade" (where are the ships?); and it was your own Ernesto Guevara who gave the coup de grace to Cuba's economy (as well as to thousands of Cubans who were murdered without due process in the first years of the regime).

I am fed up with airchair revolutionaries like you, who enjoy the fruits of capitalism at home while vicariously battling the United States through murderous thugs like Castro and Guevara.

Soon, very soon, your will have to fight your own battles for once and stop glutting yourselves on Cuban blood.

12:28 AM  
Blogger Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Michelle Bachelet was never tortured by Pinochet. That's one of the myths perpetrated by the followers of KGB agent turned president Salvador Allende. She and her entire family did seek refuge in East Germany after the fall of Allende. Who would seek refuge in Honecker's East Germany but the most devoted Stalinists?

Nor did this spiteful woman, who follows Pinochet's economic and social policies but disowns the man, accord him the state funeral to which he was entitled as a former president of Chile. She did, however, grant a state funeral a year earlier to the president of Chile's Communist Party.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! ;)
heh... what disturbed comments!
what do you consider about it?

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the comments I've read here couldn't come from anybody but fools who have no idea of what's happening in Cuba, or agents of the Castro-Chavez axis trying to defend the indefensible.

This is a way out statement, which probably comes from a Martian: "Oppenheimer should never forget that while Cuba is definitely no paradise on earth it seems to be a lot better managed compared with American colonies such as Haiti, Iraq or Guantanamo..."

I don't know which anonymous wrote it, but the statement about Cuba being better managed is UNBELIEVABLE. I wonder what the IQ, the gray matter from which it came, is. Maybe it's "obscure matter" not gray.

The prisoners in the US are murderers, thieves, CEOs of large corporations who stole from the taxpayers. The prisoners in Cuba are POLITICAL prisoners. There's due process in the USA. There are firing squads, beatings, kickings, and jailings for Cubans who simply state they don't believe in Communism.

I'm telling you, the world seems to be divided in categories of people: geniuses, not so geniuses, average, and the below 100 IQs. It's probably not politically correct to say it, but the believers in Communism, Castro, Chavez, and the blind attackers of this very reasonable column by Andres Oppenheimer, seem to fall...No, wait, they do the Discouragingly Stupid category.

Oh yes, that fellow Thorsen...Look fellow, the word is Hispanics, and Hispanics have absolutely no meaning to anyone except a few ignorants in the US Census, and even they know that Hispanics is not a race. Never has been.

As to Fidel's death: I was in Miami when Batista fell. The city went wild with cars blowing horns, yelling, and screaming, and rushing to the airport. Castro has done damage, serious damage, to so many people that there will be great relief and joy at the disappearance of such a monstrous man. What is unbelievable is that other men follow such monsters. They too must be infinitely stupid.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Thørsen
from: Paul Thørsen

Oh come on, Manual Tellechea, no country's success is detrmined by any political syste, whether it be Communist or Capitalist or Socialist. Bottom line, if you don't have expensive goods to sell to the world, you will be poor. Or did you expect Cuba to get rich by exporting sugar cane and cigars? The reason countries turn to Communism is out of desperation because things have gotten so bad that they are looking for change. That was the reason for the Cuban revolution. There were many poor, unhappy people living in Cuba in 1959, and very few rich.
The USA became rich because we were able to sell airplanes, televison, automobiles, computers, etc. to the world, not because of capitalism or democracy.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, and about the famous blockade of Cuba by the USA, that's a fable!!! For heaven's sake, IT IS A FABLE.Cuba is free to trade with anybody, any nation in the world. The problem is simply that Cuba doesn't pay because it has been so badly managed that all its resources, except jineterismo (prostitution tourism) and pinguerismo, are gone. I agree with Manuel A. Tellechea. Cuba went from a top economic position under Capitalism to the lowest Third World status under Castro. Cubans in Cuba depend on the Capitalists in the USA to survive. So, enough of the revisions of history and the lies about a blockade. There is no blockade, there's an embargo, and it's frequently violated by sobs in the US who never give a second thought to the misery of the inmoral Castro Kingdom. That's what the feces eater is, a self-declared King. He was going to do elections in one year, wasn't he? Well, look at what happened. And now Chavez is well underway to the same baloney: he thinks he's the only man in Venezuela who can govern that country. Talk about arrogance and stupidity combined. Venezuela is already missing imports. There's no sugar. Same steps as happened in Cuba, and all of it because the Chavezians do not see how to stop inflation, how to raise productivity, and how to stop giving money away to Jamaica, Cuba, Nicaragua, etc., which they need to help their own Venezuela. To hell with Communism and Communists. They can all go eat what Castro is now eating out of his own intestine.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thing this is not the Univision forums where malevolent Communists from the Castro Internet Spy Network constantly demean Free Cubans. The problem, it's been reported, is that some of the Univision moderators appeared to switch out, turn off, silence some of the free Cubans, one of whom was Armando Valladares himself, a great writer, a great connoisseur of the Cuban situation. He lived it in the flesh, and he escaped.
ESCAPED. People ESCAPE from Cuba. People ESCAPE Communism everywhere. People die, trying to ESCAPE Communism.
What is there about the words ESCAPE FROM CUBA that eludes the porous obscure matter in the brains of Castro sympathizers??????

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Thørsen
from: Paul Thørsen

Hey Brickbradford, you are wrong, Hispanick is indeed a race of people, one of 11 distinct races found in the world. It is comprised of people with significant amounts of Spanish blood in them. Black Dominicans are of the Black race of people. People like Sammy Sosa.
Alberto Fuhimori is of the Asian race of people.
The world recognizes a distinct, unique Hispanick look, that's why you see perpertrators of a crime being described by witnesses as looking Hispanick when questioned by police. Everyone in the world but Hispanicks recongnizes a distinct, unique Hispanick look.
It's all because Hispanicks want to bring in as many people in the world into their exclusive, superior club. And because Hispanicks think they are so special, so much better than anyone else in the world, that the ONLY thing keeping the world from fleeing their native cultures to join the Spanish speaking world, completed by taking a full Spanish name, is the misperception that you have to have Spanish blood in you to be accepted into that exclusive club by other Hispanicks. So Hispanicks have launched their all-out PR campaign to let the world know that you don't have to have Spanish blood in you to be accepted into that exclusive, special club, that are all welcome. That all you have to do to be accepted is to take a full Spanish names, accept Spanish as your one and only language and take a vow to rid your native country of any and all non-Spanish influences.
Yeah, right, after the world sees Hispanicks ruin every society they have ever settled and pay their life savings to get the hell out of their countries, why would anyone in their right mind give up their naitve, ancestral ways to join the Hispanick World? Especially since it's Hispanicks who are all about "maintaining your heritage".

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thorsen/Anonymous or whoever your are: Hispanicks is not even a word. Learn to write. Hispanics are not a race. Hispanics, per US Census attempts, comprise combinations of black/American Indian/white/mulattoes/and who knows what else, that come from Latin America. Hispanics, in the majority, are poor not exclusivists or elitists, a la Northern European, e.g. Germans or Brits. The main race of Spanish people FROM SPAIN is Caucasian, period. CAUCASIAN!!!!! And that includes Mediterranean subtypes and Celt or Basque Subtypes together with descendants of Visigoths. The rest of Spaniards are mixes of Caucasians with African Arabs and Negroid types from the northern half of that continent. Those darker, Africanoid types in Spain are not Hispanics in the sense of race, but they are Hispanics in the sense of where they're from, usually Andalusia. You're full of it Thorsen. Your posts are full of Nazi inferiority complexes, and occasionally, by accident, something filters out of you that is actually right. Race is not one of them, but the illegal aliens coming into the USA are indeed a problem, as is the infiltration of Islam into Europe. The Islamics are indeed fanatics who wish to rid the world of infidels (Caucasians/Westerns). It is the poverty and ignorance of those Latin American types coming North into The First World that is causing a real problem as they don't understand rules of more civilized/educated countries, and their hunger drives them to seek relief somewhere or anywhere. Now, go and have yourself a cup of Chinese tea, and realize that Humans originated in Africa and spread to the rest of the world, so in your genetic makeup you maybe blacker than you think. Rest on that overnite and have your genes checked out. Everybody might be originally black, except those who think they're not because "they couldn't possibly be." I leave up to you to think of who those could be. One, two, three, Arelipon, Five, Six. Arely Seven, Eight...

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wanted to recommend to everybody to purchase and watch Oliver Stone's documentary on Fidel Castro called "Commandante" .

The most interesting part of that documentary is that it was never shown in the US and it is generally not available for purchase in the US - the US regime pressured HBO in not broadcasting the documentary and has therefore never been seen by Americans with very few exceptions.

Anyways I highly recommend this documentary : Oliver Stone was granted total access to Fidel Castro for several days and was allowed to ask him any question about any topic ; in case you cannot find the DVD in the US look for Oliver Stone's "Commandante" DVD on the website.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ollie Stone has a deep red streak in him, and the show was available in the USA. As usual, everything that comes out of Fidel's mouth is feces, and Ollie Baby is nothing but a red rag.Anybody that believes in Castro today is an idiot, a commie, or an aprovechao.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I forgot...The Cuban Revolution was financed and fought by the Middle Class and even the Upper Classes. That revolution, in the fifties, had nothing to do with the poverty of the country. That is a myth...strictly BS. Read Castro's own speech and writings of the Fifties. He said Cuba was PARADISE, except for Batista's government. That was absolutely true. The revolution had nothing to do with Communism, and anybody that says the people revolted to implement a Communist regime is again, an idiot, a commie, or an aprovechao.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manuel a. Tellechea:

I think I missed something. Are we talking about the same thing? Are we discussing Pinochet´s regime? The same regime that killed dozens of thousads, the bloodiest in South America in a century? Personally I wouldn´t waste my time digging a hole to that butcher...

Luis Rosa

4:56 PM  
Blogger Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Pinochet's enemies attribute 3000 deaths to him, almost all of which occurred in the first 2 years of his rule when the left were destabilizing the country. For 15 of his 17 years in power there were no political deaths in Chile. Compare this, if you will, to the 102,000 killed by Castro since 1959. And the blood has not yet dried on the Cuban killing fields nor have they yet been dug up. Even with what we already know Castro's is the bloodiest dictatorship in Latin American history.

11:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fabrications of communists are usually truculent and disingenuous, at the very best. Pinochet has been made into a monster. He probably was savagely opposed to having Allende and his communists continue to take Chile to the Castro grave it was heading. Castro was pulling the strings with Allende. Pinochet saved Chile from disaster. Castro's historians have also turned Batista's dictatorship (a bad one to be sure) into much more of a criminal than he actually was. Whatever the communists say one must check out carefully. At least 90% is usually false, and the other 10% is conveniently used to stir up, to provoke innocents to march or kill in revenge of something that the accused never did. Unfortunately, such is the world: full of malevolent forces like communism, terrorism, and fascism. There are other reasonable options to reasonable people, but whatever you may opine, communism is never reasonable or just.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess humanity wasn't happy and didn't celebrate when that idiot Nazi, Hitler, lost WWII and then killed himself. People do celebrate the death of evil and the rising of peace. Fidel Castro is nothing but sheer, unadulterated evil, and his death should become a reason for joy. Let him go to hell and dump his feces there.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cubita la bella merece un mejor destino. No soy cubano,soy mexicano, pero me caen bien lo cubanos y por eso les ecribo.Conosco los problemas de nuestros vecinos isleños porque he estado en la isla dos veces y he leido sobre el tema.

En mi opinión las posiciones políticas están muy radicalizadas, lo que no permite que los cubanos de la diáspora puedan regresar a su país y a los cubanos de la isla quitarse el bloqueo que tiene en diferentes grados de pobreza a toda la población. Pienso que lo mejor es tratar de llegar a un acuerdo y que las posiciones radicales bajen un poco o un mucho la guardia, de esa manera podrán construir una democracia que les permita vivir en la isla a todos, y no nada más a los que están con Fidel.Creanme que es mi mejor deseo que la situación de la isla mejore, porque ya son muchos años de sufrimientos.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Como se negocia con criaturas del infierno. descarados, asesinos, y encarceladores de un pueblo entero?

2:16 PM  
Blogger auntie-auntie said...

I need an update on the party-planning. Is it still on? Is the Orange Bowl still the designated site? I won't ask about the party's date for obvious reasons, but has any of our City commisioners come up with a "better" idea? I think Tom Tancredo missed one of the most dangerous nuances of bilingualism: rsky (sometimes even risque) and/or inaccurate translations. For instance, you may end up translating "Regalado" as "gifted".
I can share, and I certainly understand, the strong (and justified) feelings of my fellow Cuban-Americans, but public demonstrations of this sort are definitely in VERY poor taste, whether the celebrated death is that of Pinochet or of "El Cliente". And it is not just for the departed's fammily that such behaviour is offensive to: it is offensive to many who share this community with us.

2:33 PM  
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