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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Contrary to conventional wisdom, the biggest threat to U.S.-backed Colombian President Alvaro Uribe following his landslide reelection Sunday will not be his country's Marxist guerrillas but the temptation to seek a third term in office. Uribe, who was reelected by a 40-point margin over his closest rival, will control nearly 80 percent of Congress. He will have a hard time resisting claims by his most fervent followers that he is ''el hombre indispensable'' (the indispensable man) to get Colombia out of its historic quagmire. Read the full column in The Miami Herald.


Blogger said...

Uribe knows the dangers of changing the constitution for a third term. The challenge will be creating a strong political party that will build on the solid concrete slab Uribe has poured. Two terms will allow this slab to fully cure and create a stable foundation to erect Colombia to new heights.

1:33 PM  
Blogger A.M. Mora y Leon said...

Too pessimistic, Andres.

Don't you even know the guy? Just read his statements, he is trying to do the right things in all matters, why wouldn't he try in this one, too? He's like Lincoln.

What's the point of getting rid of guerrillas if a crummy political system replaces them? Everything Uribe is doing suggests that he wants a good system to be in its place so that more crummy guerrilla groups don't form.

I think he knows the examples of Peru and Argentina and other places and will strive to avoid such pitfalls. He's not a guy with a closed mind who does not learn.

Once Chavez is out of the picture (did you see the figures on the pro-Uribe vote in the places where Chavez is most menacing?) the danger should lessen as the guerrillas get stomped out and the war gets won.

Dollars to donuts, Chavez won't last as long as an Uribe second term. He's made too big of a mess.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you and those who have expressed concerns in this regard are not being fair both to Uribe and the Colombian people. Colombia has never lacked able political leaders and there is nothing in Uribe that suggests that he would do something like this. Changing the constitution both in Colombia and Argentina to allow for a second term makes perfect sense since almost every developed democracy, including ours, allows a one time re-election. By the way, I believe it was Clinton who recently made some comments about allowing US Presidents to run for a third time after being out of office for one term.
There is a huge difference between this healthy democratic debate and the autocratic intentions of both Fujimori and Chavez.
I think we should trust that Uribe will do what is best for Colombia and based on his actions I am sure you will concede that he has proven to be a very able politician and reliable democrat.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo. it is ....over 100 years ago"....

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Martín Vieira said...

I think the biggest danger for Uribe's 2nd presidential term wouldn't so much the possibility of a 3rd mandate, which is highly unlikely (Colombia's democratic institutions and people wouldn´t allow it), as the danger of an increasing power in politics of paramilitaries. They already controle 1/3 of the Congress and aren't controlled by the government. The peace process needs some form of amnisty and political participation of the pacified "autodefenses", but the danger is that these people continue illegal activities and use there enourmous power in an unethical way. Uribe's legacy, we hope, will be of solid institutions and greater peace in Colombia, but the danger is still the weakness of the State confronted to the strenght of illegal groups, which control half the country sumed up.

1:48 AM  
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