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Friday, May 19, 2006


The U.S. Senate's approval Thursday of a proposal to make English "the national language," as reported in today's Miami Herald, makes me wonder: is this a pressing national issue in a country with a healthy economy and historically low unemployment rates, or is it a smoke screen by Republican conservatives to draw national attention away from the Iraq war as we approach the November Congressional elections? The Senate's vote story is in today's Miami Herald.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course it is a republican, conservative, right-wing, good ole boy,rebel flag, smokescreen. The right wing bigots always like to divide americans. It used to be the black, now it is the spanish/latino/hispanic/white cuban or whatever the hell you want to label yourself. So i suggest all you Chicanos sit back and enjoy the right-wing bigotry which is increasing at historic and startling rates. After all, you are the ones who voted these right wing bigots in office. Dont you remember? Elian, Elian, Elians revenge. Yup, you Miami right wing Cubans got your revenge didnt ya.

Red State Right Wing Anti-Spanish/Cuban Bigotry<-----------brought to you via the Miami Cuban, in the hopes of overthrowing Fidel.

Maybe if the republican Cheney changes his mind and decides to run in 2008, you Miami Cubans can vote for even more anti-spanish hostility.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You have a nice weblog.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Andres! I wonder how long are you going to last in the forefront trenches of free and sometimes pretty agressive speech.
Not that I want to through more fuel to the fire but I wonder how come no one is mentioning the need to eliminate the "Ley de ajuste Cubano" now that we are trying to pass immigration reform and secure our country from outside threats. Specially threats from countries we regard as terrorist backers.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stars and stripes wrote: Ley de ajuste Cubano

I dont know what that means. But, whatever it is, you can bet that the right wing bigots will eventually look South towards immigration from Cuba. But hey, you Cubans voted for this brand of politics cloak in subtle bigotry. Now live with it. Note: any roll back from the republicans against immigration from Cuba will be firmly supported by the Democrats. Of course, we have to make you Cubans a special exception. Why? Because you Cubans dont like the Democratic Party. At least the Mexicans, and other immigrants have a home within the Democratic party. Cubans dont have a home anymore, the welcome matt has been pulled out from underneath you by the republican base. Just like the the Democrats always suspected. Once again, you Cubans are stranded on an island all alone. Nobody to blame but yourself.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have to watch your temper. The "ley de ajuste Cubano" is that amazing piece of legislation that allows, only Cubans, the right to stay legally in the US just for standing in US soil. How about that for a giveaway. That is why Cubans do not want to participate in the immigration debate. They are concerned that if they do, Congress might put an end to this incredibly biased, absolutely negative and very dangerous policy.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, stars and stripes i think i understand. What you really are saying, is that the Miami Cubans are too selfish to fight for something bigger than themselves. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You and i are thinking - somewhat - alike once again. I, too, am of the suspicion if not opinion that the sudden urgency with which the right has made the immigration issue (whose realities are no different now than they have been for a least a decade) now when a lame duck president is facing greater pressure for yet another documented instance of malfeasance and republican legislators sweating profusely in anticipation of a potentially disastorous mid-term election.

Remember the news coverage about the Downing Street memo last year? Neither do i - i was too busy trying to dig past all of the "news" about Michael Jackson and little white boys in Santa Barbara

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did not leave us alone. Thank You Andres.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As in eduardo galeano??

Caramba, i thought you were going to be in New York with Arundhati Roy this weekend!!

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the comments. No
wonder they object to English as
the national language. Their skills are so limited we can only hope they do better in another language.

Of course if they were educated in the U.S. they do have an excuse.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree, i dont hesistate to tell any of these Latin American immigrants to learn proper English skills. Especially, these so called Miami right wing Cuban Chicanos. If you know what i mean!!

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a language zealot you seem to know little about English.

English is a Germanic language an as a matter of fact the name of the language itself derives from “Englisc” which is the name of the language that the Angles tribes, originally from Engel, spoke during the fifth century.

Throughout the Norman Empire and up until 1362 the language of the British monarchy was French and Latin. At that time, the English underclass spoke four different English dialects. In 1399, King Henry IV became the first king of England whose mother tongue was English.

English has always been a bastard language and that is why the majority of modern English words come from foreign not old English roots. As a matter of fact only about 1/6 of known old English words have descendants surviving today and only about 5,000 or so words from this period have remained unchanged.

Languages that have contributed words to English include Latin, Greek, French, German, Arabic, Hindi (from India), Italian, Malay, Dutch, Farsi (from Iran and Afghanistan), Nahuatl (the Aztec language), Sanskrit (from ancient India), Portuguese, Spanish, Tupi, Quechua (from South America) and Ewe (from Africa). William Shakespeare himself coined over 1600 new words.

So, do not be alarmed if the Latinos or Blacks, for that matter, continue to enrich American English with their own creative use of the language.

That is what English is all about and why it has become the fastest growing and most widely published language in the world. There are at least eight main different regional standards of English and within each of these regional varieties a number of highly differentiated local English dialects.

More than 300 million people throughout the world speak English as a first language. One in five of the world’s population speak English with a good level of competence and within the next couple years the number of people speaking English as a second language will exceed the number of native speakers. In Latin America alone, English is a mandatory second language course in most schools throughout the region.

English is not under attack and certainly does not need to be protected by a law.

What you should be concerned though is with ignorance. Over 45% of Europeans can take part in a conversation in a language other than their mother tongue as can 77% of their students while less than 10% of our college students learn foreign languages.

We should be encouraging people to learn foreign languages and certainly Spanish. That way, if you are going to be a bigot at least you can be an educated bigot instead of an ignorant bigot.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Get ready to start getting called a bigot. If you say just "one" wrong word about any illegal alien right wing Cuban Chicano in Miami, they will demand for you to go dry-clean your robe. You should see the scars on my back, by these Cubans. Why? Just for demanding that they learn to read and write proper English. That is all i ever ask of them.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

En resumen, lo que dijo mousqueton es lo siguiente:
-Mientras que el Español es hablado como lengua nativa por muchas mas personas que el Inglés, este último está más difundido como lengua de contacto.
-El Inglés es más sencillo que el Español.
-El Inglés es más Informal que el Español.
-Mientras que el Inglés es Bárbaro, el Español es de alta cuna.
-El Inglés se nutre como toda lengua viva de muchísimos aportes étnicos, raciales, sociales, etc.
-El Inglés por las razones mencionadas anteriormente está destinado a ser la lengua de comunicación Universal en el comercio, tecnología, etc.
-La lengua es comunicación y los malos modales son malos modales.
-Discutir sobre uno u otro es lo mismo que simpatizar con Adán o con Eva.
-Aprender Inglés para los Inmigrantes Ilegales Indocumentados de habla Hispana es más sencillo que lo que sería aprender Español para un Anglo-Parlante.
-Paciencia que ya lo van a hablar.

And finally, Ladies and Gentelmen, I am sorry but I wrote this comment in Spanish because I found your weblog in El Nuevo Herald (spanish version).
After all I am Argentinien and that is not "poca cosa".

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, but you really are not sorry!!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mousequeen, I am complimented by
your analysis of my views. If you
hadn't used the old "bigot" card
I would have been disappointed.

All you have proven is that English
is the international language and
most foreigners recognize this in order to succeed in the world.

Most countries have an official language. That is what all this is about.

By the way we have already exhausted the subject of "black english" years ago. A UCLA English
professor attempted to legitimize the use of the word "motherfucker".
She was about as successful as you will be.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only because you want min-me, it is also possible to stop learning Latin at Law Schools.
Then, do not allow French, Spanish, Portuguese at Tourism Schools. And finally, what?
Miami is not more than a bilingual place because of the Legal or Ilegal Inmigration that speak Spanish or Creole.
It is so, because of Latin American Tourism. You as a rule of courtesy must speak those languages to be polite. It happen world wide.
That is how Tourism works.
Are you able to do that?

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It interesting how the unifying thread among the so-called Americans who want every immigrant (except themselves of course) to "go back where they came from," and the illegal immigrant lobby that thinks a country has no right to define and defend its borders is the hate for Cubans.
We get it from the rednecks because we came here and worked, and built, and beat them at their own enterprising game -- building an international city out of a swamp -- while they could only compete by fleeing to Broward or Palm Beach or other points north.

We get it from the leftist illegal immigrant lobby because we don't join in their marches and wave the Mexican or anything-but-American flag as they try to change this great country despite having no rights to do so. Of course, these leftists don't address their own absence in rallies when Cubans are repatriated to a communist country by the Coast Guard practically every day of the year.
It's definitely uncomfortable here in the middle, between the two radical extremes of hate and anarchism.
But as someone who loves this country, as someone who has made this a better place and isn't going anywhere else, and someone who believes we are a nation of LAWS as well as immigrants, I guess being at odds with both extremes is best for the Cuban community.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Lili said...

Jim Reid- how many languages do you speak?

For one to be criticizing another's language skills, I wonder how skilled you are when it comes to languages.

Do you know how difficult it is to be multilingual? I think anyone with a U.S. third grade level education can comprehend the English used here by many of the people, which is good English.

you and mini-me seem like cranky little folks.

3:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: It interesting how the unifying thread among the so-called Americans who want every immigrant(except themselves of course) to "go back where they came from,"

I was under the impression that Cubans always wanted to return back to "their" homeland. I thought that is why you Cubans proudly call yourselves "exiles." So now i have become confused. If you call yourselves "exiles" then that must mean that you possess a desire to return back to "your" home country. Interesting to note the duplicity in your language.

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: and the illegal immigrant lobby that thinks a country has no right to define and defend its borders is the hate for Cubans.

Who said anybody hated the Cubans. I have never stated "publicly" that i hated you people. We just want you to go back home to Cuba. After all that is what the whole Miami Cuban silliness is all about. Correct?

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: We get it from the rednecks because we came here and worked, and built, and beat them at their own enterprising game -- building an international city out of a swamp -- while they could only compete by fleeing to Broward or Palm Beach or other points north.

Actually, i think "real" Americans escaped to Broward in hopes of fleeing the Cuban crime wave which washed ashore during the Marial Boatlift. Please note, that Miami is the poorest city in America.

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: We get it from the leftist illegal immigrant lobby because we don't join in their marches and wave the Mexican or anything-but-American flag

Yah, but you sure waved the Cuban flag by the thousands during the Elian Gonzales illegal alien exile right wing Cuban Chicano Miami street riots, along with burning the "American" flag didnt ya?

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: Of course, these leftists don't address their own absence in rallies when Cubans are repatriated to a communist country by the Coast Guard practically every day of the year.

Coast Guard hasn't repatriated enough Cubans if you ask me. Look at the traffic on 1-95!!

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: It's definitely uncomfortable here in the middle, between the two radical extremes of hate and anarchism.

Those two extremes have become the majority, and you my little Cuban right wing exile friend are in the minority, like you have always been.

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: But as someone who loves this country

You dont love it like i do. Have you fought for it? Of course you haven't. You know how i know this? Because you haven't fought for Cuba, that is why you are in the comforts of Miami, unable to visit a free Cuba. Waiting for "real" Americans to do the heavy lifting against Fidel. While the Cuban men stays back with the women and chidlren. Miami Cubans could only scrape up a handfull of unemployed Cuban playboys to land on the Bay of Pigs.

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: as someone who has made this a better place and isn't going anywhere else,

Ah, i wouldn't be so confident. America is getting very angry, the likes of which my 85 year old grandfather said he has never seen. It is very possible that a "conservative republican" like a Pat Buchannon could win a nomination, and a general. Of course the right wing simpleton Miami Cuban would still vote for him. Perhaps would even give him the margin of error in a close race against a "neo-liberal" Democrat, isnt that correct said "immigrant" Herald colunmist.

ProudCubanAmerican wrote: I guess being at odds with both extremes is best for the Cuban community.

Actually, as a Cuban you had no side to choose from. You cant go right to the republican party, because the base doesn't like or respect you because of your Spanish origin. I want you as a Spanish-speaking immigrant to try to go up to red state America, and visit with your conservative republican brethen. Moreover, you burnt every bridge you had with the left when you elected that crowd in 2000. So please dont arrogantly state you have chosen neither side, when you as a right wing "Cuban" are not welcomed in neither.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is my post above.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mini-mind,

I was an Army Ranger 1985-89.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must have went down to Panama with the 1st and 2nd bat. I always enjoy talking with batboys. Wanna have a quick conversation about Sandhill at Ft.Benning?

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I am really confuse.
I thought "real" Americans were the Americans Indians and no those Ilegal Aliens who came here using all sort of guns to kill the "real" owners and the bible to make them believe it was said by God.
I am very sorry, but I believed that those Ilegal Pilgrims, Irish, Germans, English, etc. mostly speaking bad English were like those ilegal aliens spanish speakers who arrived to San Salvador also using guns and bibles.
I always said to myself, you must learn History.!! That ignorance have driven you to be a lawyer.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mini-mind,

The Panama invasion happened in December 1989. I was HONORABLY discharged in June 1989.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


An "immigrant" being confused about "American" history does not surprise me. Let me take a moment to disabuse you of your confusion. First, off we were "invited" by the native Americans to come to live here. There were several pieces of "uninhabited" land which the pilgrims purchased at fair market value. The native American eventually became upset over the fact that "Americans" were killing off too many buffalos. The native Americans began to viciously attack the pilgrims. So naturally we had to physically defend ourselves, and give the peaceful native Americans their own territories. So as far as im concerned we are the native Americans.

5:02 PM  
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