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Friday, June 23, 2006


Members of the US Senate held a June 22 hearing on energy issue in Latin America. Several senators and energy experts talked about the decline of US influence in the hemisphere, the strategic importance of oil reserves and oil refineries, and the importance of a regional energy diplomacy to ensure long-term energy supplies to the U.S.A. Read more about it here.


Blogger leftside said...

I find Mr. Goldwyn's 1st sentance particularly revealing about the real goal of the day: "about the intersection between growing resource nationalism in LatAm and the erosion of US influence in the hemisphere." As he states pretty clearly, the US' interests are that production stay high (prices low), that the oil profits go to US corporations and that the region continue to counteract OPEC. Down to the basics like this, one might seriously wonder if the interests of LatAm nations and the US actually intersect at all.

I love reading Domingo Cavallo, (despised) ex-Argentine Finance Minister, telling the world how things have gone WRONG since he left, the Kirchner crowd took over - and miraculously turned the country around.

And I enjoyed reading this common sense from Republican Larry E. Craig:

Further, we have small groups in this country who seem to genuinely fear the likes of Chavez, Castro, and Morales and want nothing to do with them even if it involves the pursuit of U.S. national interests. This fear leads to comprehensive non-engagement, leaving the door open for further and unwanted influence in the region from other countries that do not have our well-being at heart. Those who fear these leftist leaders of Latin America must have no faith in the great concepts of America, capitalism, diplomacy, the power of engagement, and a human’s will to be free. Additionally, those driven by fear in this country fail severely to see that isolation policies have never been successful. Unfortunately, these small, fear-mongering groups do not appear to be isolated in particular regions of our country, they also appear to be locked-in at influential bureaucratic posts at the State Department and the CIA.

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